Should You Stream on Kick? The Rising Competitor to Twitch

Should You Stream on Kick? The Rising Competitor to Twitch

Twitch dominates video game streaming, while YouTube Gaming merged with YouTube in 2019 due to struggles.

Kick has a smaller audience, which means less competition but raises concerns about limited reach. Twitch has 140 million active users compared to Kick’s 12 million.

So, the question remains: “Should you stream on Kick?” Let’s explore further to find the answer.

Financial Considerations: Kick vs. Twitch

In the fiercely competitive streaming landscape, success is not guaranteed.

Streaming analytics company Streams Charts revealed that between April and June, 8.13 million channels went live, with only 0.3% accounting for 80% of watched hours. This highlights the challenge for many streamers to build a substantial following and generate revenue.

Becoming a Twitch Affiliate requires specific criteria, while Kick offers a more attractive revenue split for smaller streamers.

Kick is still in beta and doesn’t offer an ad revenue split, but its revenue split presents a workable option for smaller and mid-tier streamers.

Understanding the Audience on Kick

Kick’s audience is more attuned to online spaces and embraces more adult-oriented themes, unlike Twitch’s family-friendly approach.

Kick enforces strict rules against pornography and hate speech, making it a platform with certain guidelines.

Streamers should consider their target audience and content preferences when choosing between Twitch and Kick. Twitch attracts a broader audience but also faces more competition. On the other hand, Kick’s niche appeal could benefit those seeking an engaged community.

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So, should you stream on Kick?

In conclusion, Kick’s emergence as a competitor to Twitch offers new opportunities and challenges for content creators. Its attractive revenue split and niche appeal make it appealing for smaller streamers.

However, streamers should carefully consider their goals and target audience before deciding between Kick and Twitch. Both platforms have their merits, and staying informed about their developments will help streamers make the best choice for their careers.

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