Top 5 Twitch Alternatives: Platforms, Sites, and Apps

Twitch is an interactive live streaming site for gaming, entertainment, sports, music, and other types of content. However, many streamers are starting to find Twitch alternatives due to inflexible guideline changes and the revenue split that no longer sounds fair for streamers.

Thankfully, many platforms can substitute Twitch as the king of the streaming platform. They offer similar features as Twitch but with more flexible rules. So without any further ado, let’s just take a look at the list below and decide where to migrate.

1. YouTube Gaming: The Best Twitch Alternatives

The Best Twitch Alternatives

Source: Maxmanroe

YouTube Gaming has proven to be one of the most effective Twitch alternatives. While live broadcasting on YouTube, users may collect Super Chat donations from your network’s followers. Appreciation stickers and Google advertising are other cash generators. While live broadcasting, you may use the chatbox to connect with the viewers.

Additionally, if your viewers missed the live stream, they can always watch it afterward. Streaming video games on YouTube is also quite easy. A separate area contains a number of choices that compliment everything around your live stream, from settings to broadcast time. Most Twitch-compatible streaming software is also suitable for the platform.


  • Easy to use
  • No need for viewers to subscribe to watch content on YouTube
  • Easier to find videos on YouTube Gaming
  • More flexible rules
  • Fair revenue split


  • Very strict with content type
  • Requires users to meet high standard to make money

2. Steam

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Steam is primarily known for being a game-buying platform, but it also features the ‘Steam Remote Play’ feature, which allows you to broadcast games to other people. It’s better for hanging out with friends and broadcasting material to them rather than selling your channel to make money. Likewise, Steam may be used to play games with friends or just to show off your skills. It is considered the best streaming Twitch alternatives.


  • Enables users to watch a game and buy it
  • Great for building community


  • Not really good for earning money

3. Facebook Gaming: Another Twitch Alternatives

Another Twitch Alternatives

Source: Positivo

Facebook Gaming is twitch alternatives to twitch and the online networking giant’s debut into the game streaming business, and it has a number of impressive features. You may use the platform’s invitation to join tool to urge your Facebook friends to like your channel, which will help it gain popularity. By starting a live broadcast, all of the people who like your channel are notified immediately. Also, Facebook Gaming is easy to use because it is connected with your Facebook account.

It offers a clean, straightforward user interface that is easy to browse. All you need is admin access to certain streaming sites and you’re ready to go. Furthermore, a 30 percent fee is taken from your benefit money by Facebook Gaming. Given how little it costs in comparison to Twitch, it is a possible Twitch alternative.


  • Allows creators to upload their videos directly from the Facebook app
  • Enables creators to watch videos from other social media platforms
  • Has wide range of features for broadcasters
  • Able to co-stream with up to three friends
  • Offers friendly interface


  • Very strict with content type

4. Picarto

Source: RibkaDory

Picarto is a twitch streaming alternative service that isn’t well-known for its gaming content. It is, nevertheless, well-known for its art streams, which feature a wide range of artists. Picarto users may post or live stream video images that game makers can find, and this is arguably the closest thing to gaming on the platform.

You may get a wide range of art types and watch live streaming videos from prominent artists on our creative live streaming site. So, whether you’re a Twitch user seeking a place to learn and improve your talents, or simply want to be captivated, Picarto is a fantastic option.


  • Allows creators to watch live streaming videos from prominent artist
  • Great for live stream creative projects (not gaming)


  • Not really great for game streaming
  • Doesn’t provides subscriber function

5. Vaughn Live

Vaughn Live - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

Source: Crunchbase

Vaughn Live is Twitch streaming alternatives to Twitch available on the web as well as on mobile devices. It’s one of the oldest platforms available, and it’s used to broadcast a variety of different types of material. It’s quite simple to use the program; all you will do is log-in and click the ‘Go Live Now’ button. Moreover, Streaming material does not necessitate the use of an additional streaming site.


  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t require streaming material
  • Available on PC and mobile phone


  • Not quite popular

Frequently Asked Questions

Our readers have been asking so many questions related to Twitch competitors. Today we are going to answer you for them: 

What are all of the twitch alert alternatives?

  • Donation Goal
  • Tip Jar
  • Credits
  • Stream Labels

What is similar to Twitch?

  • Periscope
  • Vimeo Livestream
  • StreamYard
  • Vimeo
  • Restream
  • Dacast
  • Facebook Live

Who is Twitch’s competition?

Twitch is a social video network and community for gamers. YouTube, Metacafe, Activision Blizzard, Caffeine, and HUYA are among Twitch’s alternatives, main competitors.

What does China use instead of Twitch?

Huya Live is a Chinese video live streaming service and streaming alternatives to twitch

How Twitch is dominating live streaming?

Twitch’s major source of viewing has been gaming even before it was bought by Amazon. It has subsequently blossomed into its own culture, branching out into non-gaming areas including painting, food, podcast creation, and real-life relationships. Not many of its competitors are the same, and the bulk of them offer a one-of-a-kind service or level of quality that cannot be found elsewhere.

What platform is best for streaming?

StreamYard is a simple live streaming platform that is ideal for public broadcasting to a wide audience via social media platforms like YouTube and is the best streaming alternatives to twitch


While Twitch has become the top in game-streaming services, it is evident that it is up against the fierce competition. New platforms are streaming alternatives to twitch that are constantly being developed, and the streaming of user-created films is not only fashionable but also financially and creatively advantageous for both players and developers. YouTube Gaming is said to be one of the best Twitch alternatives while Facebook Watch is paving its way to the top well. It is evident, the market for user-generated content is always expanding, and making money as a video game broadcaster is now a viable option for the average individual.

Hope you find these alternatives helpful. If you are aware of any live streaming platform which gives experience equal to Twitch do let us know in the comment section. Share this article on your social media to let others know about this too.

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