How to Edit Twitch Stream to YouTube Video, Instantly with AI

To grow your Twitch channel and reach more people, it’s important to create content beyond live streaming. YouTube is a great platform for sharing your content, like stream highlights or montages.

Today, we’ll show you how to quickly edit your Twitch stream into YouTube videos using AI.

Step-by-Step Guide: Editing Twitch Stream to YouTube Video

In this guide, we’ll use a powerful AI tool called Eklipse. It’s designed for streamers and has many useful features.

Eklipse can automatically clip your Twitch stream using AI, making it easy to edit your clips into vertical short-form content for platforms like YouTube Shorts. It can also edit multiple clips into a single long-form video for YouTube.

Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  1. Sign up and create an account on Eklipse’s website.
  2. Connect your Twitch account to Eklipse to access your stream footage.
  3. Just stream as usual, then Eklipse will automatically generate clips from your stream.
  4. Select the clips you want for your YouTube video and put them into the playlist.
    • You can choose only 10 clips with a duration of 10 minutes or less.
  1. Go to “Clips” > “Playlist” and select the playlist you’ve created.
  2. Click the “Create Montage” button.
    • Choose “Surprise Me” if you want to automate the montage creation process.
  3. Choose “Create Montage,” give a title to your content, and select a transition. Click “Submit” when you’re done.
  4. Your montage will be ready in a few minutes. Go to “Edits” >> “Montages” to check the progress.

Now that’s all done, you’ve instantly created a YouTube video from your Twitch stream! You can also share it directly from Eklipse to YouTube by connecting your YouTube account to Eklipse.

Why You Should Edit Your Twitch Stream to YouTube Video

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Twitch has limited discoverability options, but YouTube offers a better algorithm for discoverability. By posting your stream highlights on YouTube, you increase your chances of reaching a larger audience.

YouTube also provides various ways for content creators to monetize their videos, like the ad revenue for example. So, by repurposing your Twitch stream into YouTube videos, you open up new opportunities for monetizing your content once you meet the eligibility requirements.


By following this guide, you can use AI and Eklipse to edit your Twitch to YouTube video. This strategy helps you overcome Twitch’s discoverability limitations and gives you the potential to monetize your content. As a streamer and content creator, expanding beyond Twitch allows you to reach new heights. Enjoy streaming and creating!

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