Instagram Hashtags Tips: How to Find and Use the Best Hashtags

Hashtags can enhance and expand the reach of your content on social media. When you use the hashtag or # symbol before a word or phrase, you categorize your content with similar content on social media.

Instagram hashtags can help your content get discovered by a larger audience. Including relevant hashtags in your captions or comments improves the visibility of your posts.

What are Instagram hashtags?

Instagram hashtags are words, phrases, or numbers with the # symbol before them in Instagram captions. Using hashtags categorizes your Instagram content and helps it be found more easily on the app.

You can include up to 30 Instagram hashtags on one post, but Instagram recommends using between 3-5.

How to use hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags have several uses that can help you grow your account and keep your content organized. Here are a few main uses for Instagram hashtags:

  • Increase visibility on your posts: Hashtags make your posts appear in search results and help fuel the Instagram algorithm. The algorithm places posts in users’ feeds based on their interest in the hashtags used.
  • Invite user-generated content: Hashtags can invite users to create content for you to share on your feeds. Highlight a branded hashtag in your bio for followers to engage with and for your team to find user-generated photos.
  • Categorize Instagram posts: Use hashtags to categorize your posts. For example, a clothing store might use hashtags for their various products, like #ClosetShoes or #ClosetDresses.

Top 50 Most Popular Instagram Hashtags in 2024

  • #interiordesign
  • #design
  • #love
  • #fashion
  • #realestate
  • #inspiration
  • #style
  • #homedecor
  • #art
  • #instagood
  • #travel
  • #smallbusiness
  • #shoplocal
  • #foodie
  • #wellness
  • #selfcare
  • #photography
  • #home
  • #architecture
  • #food
  • #health
  • #beauty
  • #linkinbio
  • #motivation
  • #luxury
  • #lifestyle
  • #nature
  • #ootd
  • #shopsmall
  • #skincare
  • #summer
  • #handmade
  • #fitness
  • #mentalhealth
  • #selflove
  • #interior
  • #photooftheday
  • #supportlocal
  • #business
  • #homedesign
  • #interiors
  • #mindset
  • #beautiful
  • #instafood
  • #wedding
  • #community
  • #weddinginspiration
  • #entrepreneur
  • #realtor
  • #delicious

5 Benefits of hashtags on Instagram

Using hashtags on Instagram has many benefits for brands:

  1. Increases exposure and discovery: Hashtags lead to more exposure and help people find accounts to follow.
  2. Encourages audience interactions: Branded hashtags engage your customer base and encourage them to create and share content.
  3. Competitor analysis: Hashtags help you analyze your share of voice and engagement compared to competitors.
  4. Content research: Hashtags can help you research different content ideas and find inspiration.
  5. Links digital and IRL campaigns: Hashtags connect digital and in-real-life campaigns, creating a seamless brand experience.

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Top Instagram hashtag generators

If you need help finding hashtags, you can use hashtag generator tools. Here are some top Instagram hashtag generators to try:

  1. Sistrix Instagram Hashtag Generator
  2. Keyword Tool
  3. Inflact
  4. Toolzu
  5. Display Purposes
  6. All Hashtags

Types of Instagram hashtags

There are different types of hashtags that brands should know about:

  • Branded and product hashtags: Include your brand or product name to gather user-generated content and increase brand awareness.
  • Campaign hashtags: Specific to marketing campaigns, they help promote and track campaign-related posts.
  • Community and industry hashtags: Used within brand communities and industries, they help categorize content and connect with relevant audiences.
  • Location hashtags: Include your location or relevant locations to target local audiences.
  • Themed or holiday hashtags: Participate in relevant social media holidays to engage your audience.
  • Daily hashtags: Use daily hashtags related to specific topics to join conversations and reach interested followers.
  • Trending hashtags: Jump on the latest trends and memes to increase visibility and engagement.

Tracking and analyzing Instagram hashtags

Track your hashtag analytics to improve performance and find better hashtags. Use a social media tool that offers Instagram hashtag analytics to monitor the performance of your hashtags.

7 Best practices for Instagram hashtags

Follow these best practices to improve performance:

  1. Test how many hashtags to use: Stick to 3-5 hashtags in captions or up to 30 in the first comment.
  2. Use hashtags in the first comment: Keep captions clean and move additional hashtags to the first comment.
  3. Find the best hashtags for you: Look at influencers and accounts you follow for hashtag inspiration.
  4. Follow relevant hashtags: Stay informed by following industry or community hashtags.
  5. Encourage the use of branded hashtags: Promote your branded hashtags for user-generated content.
  6. Create a list of hashtags: Divide hashtags into different lists for various types of content.
  7. Add hashtags to Instagram Stories: Use hashtags in Stories to increase visibility and reach.


Using hashtags on Instagram has many benefits. Understand the different types of hashtags and follow best practices to improve your Instagram strategy.

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Instagram Hashtags FAQs

  • How many hashtags should I use on Instagram?
    Instagram recommends using between 3-5 hashtags, but you can use up to 30 if placed in the first comment.
  • Can I use hashtags in posts, Reels, and Stories?
    Yes, you can use hashtags in posts, Reels, and Stories to increase reach and engagement.
  • What are the top Instagram hashtags?
    Top Instagram hashtags include #love, #instagood, #instagram, #art, #photooftheday, #photography, #beautiful, #picoftheday, #happy, and #follow.

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