How to Use Text to Speech Instagram Reels Features (2024)

Instagram has introduced an innovative feature – text to speech (TTS) for Instagram Reels. This feature allows users to add voiceovers to their Reels without actually speaking a single word. It opens up a world of creative opportunities for content creators and social media enthusiasts.

In this article, we’ll explore the top 5 text to speech Instagram Reels features that you should try in 2024.

How to Use Text to Speech Feature on Instagram Reels

text to speech instagram reels
Source: YouTube – text to speech instagram reels
  1. Open Instagram and Head Over to Reels Camera: Swipe right from your Instagram feed and tap on the Reels option.
  2. Record or Upload a Video: Once in the Reels camera, record a new video or upload a pre-recorded video from your phone’s gallery.
  3. Add Text to Your Video: Tap the “Aa” icon and type the text you want to add.
  4. Access the “Text to Speech” Feature: After adding your text, tap on the text bubble and select “text to speech.”
  5. Choose Your Voice Option: Choose between two available voice options.
  6. Publish Your Reel: Once satisfied with your video, text, and voiceover, tap the “Share” button.

The Benefits of Using Text to Speech on Instagram Reels

  • Accessibility: Makes content more accessible for visually impaired individuals and those with other disabilities.
  • Reach a Wider Audience: Enables businesses and influencers to create voiceovers in various languages and voices, reaching a global audience.
  • Save Time: Streamlines content creation process, allowing users to devote more time to other aspects of their business.

Limitations of Using Instagram Text To Speech

Despite its benefits, the speech generated by this feature can sometimes sound robotic and unnatural. There may also be mispronunciations of certain words due to limitations in voice options.

How to Access and Use Voice Effects on Instagram Reels

How to Access and Use Voice Effects on Instagram Reels
Source: YouTube – use voice effects on Instagram Reels

To enhance your Instagram reel voiceover:

1. Open the app and head over to the Reels Camera
2. Record a reel or choose from pre-recorded audio clips
3. Select from various voice effects available
4. Click apply

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In conclusion, integrating TTS technology into Instagram enhances accessibility while providing content creators with powerful tools for engaging storytelling through voiceovers.

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