How to Make a Playlist on YouTube to Increase Your Engagement

Playlists are a powerful feature you can use to grow your YouTube channel. It’s more than just tossing videos together—it’s a major part of your YouTube strategy.

Creating playlists strategically can help you leverage the YouTube algorithm, influence viewer choices, and keep them coming back. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to create and manage playlists on your YouTube channel and share some best practices.

What is a YouTube playlist?

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A YouTube playlist is a collection of videos curated based on themes. It helps categorize content and helps viewers discover specific videos. Playlists can also be used to organize your channel’s homepage, adding a binge-worthy element to your channel.

Why create playlists on YouTube?

  1. Improves YouTube SEO: Playlists often rank in YouTube’s search results. Optimizing your playlist titles and descriptions with relevant keywords can help increase views.
  2. Improves discoverability: Videos included in a playlist have more chances of showing up as suggested videos to viewers. This increases the chances of being discovered on YouTube.
  3. Increases engagement: Playlists can be used to promote specific videos and organize content by theme or audience type. This makes it easier for viewers to navigate and discover content that interests them.
  4. Longer watch times: Playlists automatically play the next video, increasing watch time and improving search rankings.

How to create a new YouTube playlist

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  1. Go to YouTube Studio and select “Playlists” from the left menu. Click “NEW PLAYLIST” on the top right-hand side.
  2. Enter a title and description (optional). Select visibility settings (we suggest Public). Click “CREATE” to create the playlist.
  3. To add videos, click the edit pencil next to the playlist. Click the three dots menu and select “Add videos.”
  4. Select the videos you want to add to the playlist and click “Add videos.”
  5. To re-order videos in a playlist, drag and drop them.
  6. Your curated YouTube playlist is ready and can be viewed by your audience.

Best practices for YouTube playlists

To optimize your video playlist, start by giving it an attention-grabbing title and description that accurately portray what viewers can expect. These should be phrased with search optimization in mind to help potential viewers find your content easily.

When organizing your playlist, prioritize your most popular and engaging videos at the beginning. This initial impact can boost watch time and viewer engagement. Additionally, arrange your videos in a logical order to create a smooth narrative or theme throughout the playlist. Grouping videos based on related themes or categories can enhance the viewing experience.

Consider creating a dedicated playlist for new visitors to introduce them to your brand or showcase your best content. This playlist can act as a curated introduction to your channel. Also, select an appealing thumbnail that aligns with the playlist’s title and encourages viewers to click. Lastly, maintain a manageable number of videos per playlist, typically between 3 to 10, to ensure easier navigation and a better viewing experience for your audience.


Make the most out of YouTube playlists by curating them based on audience preferences and insights. Playlists are valuable tools in organizing content and improving the viewer experience on your channel.

For more insights on growing your brand presence on YouTube, check out our guide on YouTube marketing.

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