10 Best Discord Channel Ideas To Grow The Community

If you are a Twitch streamer who is looking to grow the community, you’d better find the best Discord channel ideas.

The Discord channel is actually essential to attract and encourage your followers to keep interacting with you.

In order to make your followers stick around you, you can attract them by making some interesting Discord channel servers.

But of course, you need to make it unique and fun. So check out our list of top 10 Discord channel ideas to keep up with followers!

1. Welcome Channel as Discord Ideas

The first option to make your Discord channel is a Welcome channel. This is important to welcome your followers, especially the new ones.

In this channel, you can give them warm greetings, and say that you are excited to interact with them and this is the best place to provide everything they need.

Do not forget to direct your followers to the rules channel. So that your followers still have a borderline on how to act properly.

2. Rules And Guidelines Channel

After giving space to greet and welcome your followers, you also need to make a channel that contains rules and guidelines.

As mentioned above, rules and guidelines are important to make them act without crossing the line. So you can keep the situation conducive where everyone can chill and enjoy.

3. The Stream Team Posts Channel

Another channel idea you can make is Stream Team Post.

It is not just a place to post streaming videos or so on, but you can also open opportunities for any other streamers to collaborate.

You can interact with them directly here while giving guidelines about what kind of content they can post and when.

By doing this, you can build up a good relationship with other streamers and share some ideas regarding your channel.

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4, Channel For Discussing Your Content

Generally, your followers are interested in your live stream is because they found something that can fulfill their needs. This can be for entertainment, information, or tips and tricks to play the same game.

So, it is good to have a place to discuss everything related to your content.

You can share tips and tricks about gaming stuff with them, and vice versa. Besides, you can also get an insight into what your followers expect from you.

In addition, you can make this channel a place to discuss anything too, even for a topic that is not related to gaming or your content. It will build more intimacy with them.

5. Suggestion Discord Channel

If you are really into improving your game streaming channel, you can take it seriously and start to consider every feedback from your followers.

Whether it’s a critique, compliment, or any suggestions, it all matters.

This channel is a little bit similar to the discussion channel related to your content.

But it’s more specific. So you can receive constructive suggestions from them to make improvements for future streaming.

6. Discord Channel Ideas: Announcement

In order to manage all information efficiently, you also need to have a channel for an announcement. You can announce everything to your community.

As an example, if you are on vacation for a few days and won’t be doing a live stream. Or when you are going to live stream about a certain game, any events, or a competition. Even an announcement about the giveaway.

This is how you care and appreciate your followers. Not to mention, you are also going to get positive responses and support from them. Guaranteed.

7. Networking Room

Discord partners with Sony — When to expect it on PS5 | Laptop Mag
Source: Laptop Mag

The goal of your channel is to involve the followers with you and each other. It is not enough if you just give them a place to discuss or share.

As most of your followers get interested in game, you can build a special room to connect with those who also stream. So you can get interact and play the game along with them.

This idea is very beneficial, not only for you but for them too. It’s even more interesting if you can work together to support the stream channel.

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8. Creating a Channel For VoD and Clips with Eklipse

Have a place for your audiences to share clips, YouTube compilations, or VoD that they like. This is a good way for you to keep up with other potential streamers out there.

Besides, you can also ‘steal’ the idea to satisfy your viewers. So they can be loyal to you and your channel.

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9. The FAQ Channel

Example of FaQ channel on Discord. Image credit – socialmediaexaminer.com

Have you received the same questions from your viewers over and over again? Isn’t it tiring to have to give them the same answer repeatedly?

To prevent this kind of thing, you can create a channel about FAQ. Make a list of FAQs from the audience and the answer.

So if there are the same questions ever again, just ask them to go to this channel.

10. Charity Room For Discord Channel Ideas

Helping each other is never be the wrong thing. Everyone is able to do this. So do you.

As a streamer, it is good to care not only about gaming kinds of stuff but also about other’s life.

You can explain the reason why you are drawn to support the charity and encourage them to follow your step.


There are still a lot of Discord channel ideas you can adapt to your streaming channel.

Each idea is good and has its value for you.

But one thing you need to keep in mind, make sure that you don’t go for too many channels on your server.

It is less interesting, and your follower will confuse about picking which one is the best channel to visit.

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