10 Most Popular Gaming Discord Servers Recommendation

Discord is the go-to communication tool for gamers worldwide. 

It offers real-time text and voice chat, surpassing in-game options with better audio quality and no lag. Joining gaming servers on Discord provides opportunities to make friends, exchange game-related info, and more. 

Discover PC gaming Discord servers to join below.

The List of Gaming Discord Servers

When it comes to gaming servers on Discord, you’ll find any variety of that. Some servers are relatively generic and cover multiple games. Meanwhile, you can also find the server with a specific game name. Additionally, this kind of server may be run by a relevant gaming company. But, others are just an unofficial group with related interests.

Apart from that, you can always gain something if you decide to join one of the best gaming Discord servers. There will always be updates from the official ones, or some gaming tips or hilarious memes from the ordinary group. You can always discuss every gaming-related thing there.

So, here are some popular gaming Discord servers that are worth joining.

1. Minecraft Official Gaming Server

Who doesn’t know bout Minecraft? The most popular online game all the time. Playing Minecraft will never get you bored since it always has something new to discover. Besides, its simple concept will always attract many players.

The Minecraft server allows you to discuss every Minecraft-related thing with other members, such as the latest updates, Bedrock Mechanics, Survival Discussion, and more. In addition to that, you can also share your blocky creations, or simply just connect with other players.

2. Call of Duty: One of The Best Gaming Discord Servers

Calling out to all big fans of Call of Duty! Now, you will get more friends that are really into this game just like you through this server. As the name of it, this server focused on various Call of Duty games.

You can get more updates regarding the game, discuss in-game weapons, and more! Just make yourself at home, and keep playing this fantastic game!

3. TK Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Server

Another Call of Duty-related server is TK Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. TK is actually an abbreviation of Team Kaliber, an American eSports and Gaming entertainment organization. Despite it having the same main title as the previous server, this server is more specific as it only focused on CoD Black Ops Cold War.

Through this article, you will not only get the latest information regarding the Cold War, but you can also find updates about tournaments and even play in tournaments. Other than that, this server also lets you share your loadouts, submit your incredible clips, or just simply make friends with other players.

Members can play in tournaments, find players, chat, share loadouts, submit clips, and make friends. 

4. Genshin Impact Discord Server

Aside from Minecraft, Genshin Impact is also one of the most favourite games among all gamers. This action role-playing game comes with interesting gameplay and storyline. Above all, you can play it for free!

Additionally, there will be always redeem codes available every month for you to acquire special items. This is how this game always attracts its players.

As a famous online game, no wonder the official Discord server has over 800K members which is quite challenging to join it. However, if you are persistent enough in your attempts to enter this server, you might have a chance to be one of the members.

5. Official Apex Legends Gaming Discord Server

Official Apex Legends Discord server is the best place for those who are really into this game. This server provides everything you need to know regarding this game through the discussion and announcement channel.

Looking for the latest information about events, eSports, or strategy sharing? This server got you. In addition to that, you can also share your in-game screenshots or other Apex arts.

6. r/leagueoflegends

Did you play League of Legends? If so, you might get interested to join r/leagueoflegends as one of the best gaming Discord servers. Additionally, r/leagueoflegends is a community-run server for the subreddit group.

Although it isn’t the official one but doesn’t mean it can’t accommodate your needs about LoL-related topics. Come join and discuss everything about your favourite game!

7. Valorant Discord Server: One of The Most Popular Gaming Discord Servers

Another Discord gaming server with over 800K members is Valorant Discord Server. Run by its official developer, Riot Games, the Valorant Discord server is highly active and available for all global Valorant players. However, it might be quite challenging to join this server due to the massive number of members.

Additionally, this server allows you to find various channels covering many topics such as game news (including event, server, eSport), discussion (including gameplay discussion, agent, and strategy), and more! 

8. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Another popular role-playing game aside from Genshin Impact is Animal Crossing. If Genshin Impact comes with serious adventure gameplay and storyline, Animal Crossing gives you a cute and lovely concept for the game.

This is actually the official Discord server of Animal Crossing. Additionally, the server has various categories such as Island Life, Game guide and Help, Nook Inc, Museum, Marketplace, and other topics.

9. The Official Fortnite Gaming Discord Server

Fortnite is a game which everyone loves to play. This game provides you with various gaming modes and challenges to get special items. Additionally, Fortnite Battle Royale has become the most popular mode so far.

Like other Discord servers, The Official Fortnite Gaming Discord Server provides channels in various categories, including Fortnite News, General Community, Bug Reporting, and more. If you want to know more details about the channel categories, join them up!

10. Roblox Unofficial Discord Server

The last server we wholeheartedly recommend to join is Roblox Unofficial Discord Server. Despite it being a community-run server, this server is quite popular as it has more than 700K members.

However, if you want to chat with other members on this server, it would be better to verify your Roblox account.


So, that’s the list of the best gaming Discord servers. Those Discord servers will be really helpful to accommodate your needs regarding your favourite games. Join now to get new gaming partners and more tips to improve your gaming experience. Enjoy!

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