The Best Free Video Merger Online & How to Use

Are you figuring out how to combine videos online without the help of additional apps? No need to worry, in this article you will find answers related to merging two or more videos into one using free video merger online tools.

Most people generally only know that combining videos can be done with the help of software. They often use software such as Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere, Vegas, and others. However, it turns out that there is an easier way to process videos so that they can be combined into one.

This method can be done only with an internet connection, so without requiring assistance from the application. Because this method is only online, it is very easy to do it. This is very helpful for some people who don’t even have the basic skills of video editing.

You do not need a computer or laptop with high specifications. You can even use mobile devices such as Android phones and iPhones to be able to combine videos online. For more details regarding how to combine videos online on cellphones and laptops, please read further in the following tutorial below.

1. Clideo (Free Video Merger Online)

Source: Clideo

Clideo is a fairly popular website capable of merging videos online. And one of the excellent features of this site is that it can combine two or many videos into one online.

Here’s how to join videos online: 

  1. Run the browser on your cellphone or laptop. 
  2. Then visit the site 
  3. Click Choose file and then upload a video. 
  4. After that click Upload more files then upload another video. 
  5. When you have added the required videos, click Merge. 
  6. Wait for the process to finish. 
  7. Click Download to save the merged video. 
  8. Done. 

In addition to being able to combine online videos, this site also provides editing features such as cutting videos and adding audio. You can also save the results to google drive and dropbox.

2. Online Converter How to Merge Videos Online for Free

free video merger online

Online Converter is a service in web format that can help you combine videos up to 4 videos. This service is free and can be used as many times as you want. 

How to combine online and free videos: 

  1. Open your flagship web browser application. 
  2. Go to the site 
  3. Once the site opens, upload all your videos. 
  4. Then click the Merge button. 
  5. So the site started merging videos. 
  6. You have to wait for the process to finish. 
  7. When finished, click Download Now. 

Now you have successfully merged videos into one online and for free. The length of time in the process of merging videos depends on the size and number of videos.

3. Aconvert

Source: Optocrypto

Aconvert is an online video editing service that has quite complete features. Among its superior features is being able to merge several videos into one online. 

How to merge online videos: 

  1. Go to site 
  2. Then upload videos one by one. 
  3. After that click the Save option at the bottom of the Output File. 
  4. Click the link in the File URL to download the resulting video. 
  5. You can also save it on google drive and dropbox. 
  6. Done. 

This service from Aconvert provides a simple interface that is easier to understand. Besides being able to combine videos, there are also several online video editing features.

4. WoFox

Source: Facebook Wofox

Want to combine multiple videos into one long video online? Then the wofox site can help you. This service is free and can be used without any restrictions.

How to combine multiple videos online: 

  1. Go to 
  2. Then upload the videos you want to merge. 
  3. Click the Add more button and upload another video. 
  4. Repeat step 3 to add the videos you want to merge. 
  5. If so, click the Download button. 
  6. Wait a few moments until the video merging process is complete. 

The appearance and features of joining videos provided by WoFox are quite easy. So, you don’t have to worry about having trouble using it.

5. Pixiko (Free Video Merger Online Website)

free video merger online pixiko
Source: LinkedIn

Pixiko is a site that is no less good than the previous one. Besides being able to combine online videos, pixiko is also able to cut, add effects, adjust speed, add text, and many other features. 

Here’s how to merge videos into one online:

  1. Visit 
  2. After that click the Get started button! 
  3. Then upload all the videos you want to merge. 
  4. If so, click the Merge menu at the top. 
  5. Adjust the video position to change the order. 
  6. Then click the Merge button and then Render. 
  7. Wait for the video merging process to finish. 
  8. Finally, save the video file. 

5. Eklipse (The Best Free Video Merger Online and Highlight Clipping Tool)

Eklipse feature and AI updates

Eklipse is an advanced AI tool that automatically creates highlight clips of your best gaming moments from the streams. It’s extremely easy to use and can save you a lot of time. Other than that, Eklipse also has a diverse set of editing tools that you can use to create aesthetic videos. Eklipse is constantly being updated by the developers so you can always expect new features.

  1. First of all, log in to Eklipse or sign up if you haven’t.
  2. To upload your stream, click the switch-shaped option. This will take you to your connection status where you can connect your Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook gaming account with Eklipse.
  3. Go to your Stream Library. You will have options to select All Streams or Processed, In Progress, and Unclipped streams. To create a highlight video, pick an unclipped stream and allow it to process.
  4. The AI will automatically verify the game you have been streaming on your channel. Next, it will find the best moments from your stream and make edited clips.
  5. Once the AI has finished editing and clipping all the best moments, it will send you a notification.
  6. Next, you can select the highlights you would like to merge into one video. You can also trim your clip, add music, and edit it however you like.
  7. Once you are satisfied with your merged video, you can either choose to download it or share it to your social media!

Interested in trying Eklipse? Don’t miss out on all the features to create the best highlight video!


Well, that’s some information related to combining videos online without using the help of additional applications. The most important thing in trying this method is a stable internet connection so that the process of uploading, merging, downloading video results can run smoothly.

Just in case you want to merge TikTok videos, you can also do it without using any application. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, find how to do it here: How To Merge Videos in TikTok: A Simple Guide.

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