How much are 100 stars on Facebook?

Whether you have recently joined Facebook gaming or planning to join, you should know about Facebook stars. Having Facebook stars is one way to monetize your Facebook gaming streams. It’s one way to get paid and generate money through your gaming streams. So, how much are 100 stars on Facebook? Let’s answer this question today.  

Facebook is a global platform with billions of users worldwide. This single fact gives Facebook gaming a huge edge over Twitch and other streaming platforms. You simply have more audience on Facebook gaming due to its reach. Thanks to its reach, you can accumulate a lot of Facebook stars if the audience loves your gaming content.

What are Facebook stars?

According to Facebook, Facebook stars are a part of Facebook’s monetization feature that allows you to monetize your gaming content whether video or audio. Your audience can buy these stars and send them to you if they love your content. This is just like Twitch’s donation feature. Your viewers can also send you gifts.

These gifts contain a certain Facebook star amount attached to them. This is quite easy to understand for streamers who stream on Twitch. Just like Twitch, you get a notification in chat when a viewer sends you a Facebook star as a donation. The Creator Studio will tell you how many Facebook stars you currently have.  

The revenue is deducted from the wallet of the viewer. Facebook’s business module is different from the majority of the gaming platforms. In order to cash out, you need to have at least 10,000 Facebook stars (USD 100) in your wallet.

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What value do Facebook stars have?

Each Facebook star has a value of  USD 0.01. These stars are typically bought in packs containing several hundred stars. Whenever the audience wants to send you stars, they will send you in a pack containing several stars. The amount will differ depending on how much the user wants to send you.

The more stars you have, the more you can cash out in US dollars.

How much are 100 stars on Facebook?

100 Facebook stars are equal to $1 on Facebook. This is how much Facebook asks the viewers to send them these stars. Though, Facebook charges $1.40 for 100 stars so they can generate revenue.


Facebook stars are one of the many ways you can monetize your gaming streams to earn revenue. The more Facebook stars you can accumulate on your Facebook gaming profile, the bigger revenue you will earn.

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