How to Grow Your Viewership as Console Streamers

Are you looking for some console streamers tips? Look no further. Here we have some effective strategies to grow your channel as a console streamers.

Console streaming channel can be more challenging to grow, but it can also be equally rewarding! Many console streamers have found great success, all from the comfort of their couch with a controller in their hands.

Now in this article, we will address the difficulties that console streamers may face when starting to broadcast along with some practical solutions for it. Let’s go!

Challenges as a Console Streamer

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There are many challenges when streaming from a console that may not necessarily be faced by PC or mobile streamers. Here are the most common ones:

  1. Limited range of games you can play. While consoles have fewer games compared to PCs and some popular PC-exclusive games may not be available or have subpar ports, as a console gamer, you can still enjoy a diverse range of exclusive console games that are popular on platforms like Twitch.
  2. Limited layout customization options. The console streaming sector faces a limitation in layout customization. However, the online tool called Lightstream provides a solution. It enables highly customizable console streaming with the addition of various assets like text, images, videos, webcams, and more. Lightstream also offers remote control functionality for dynamic features and personalized alerts, fostering community engagement.
  3. Less flexibility in your streaming process. Console streaming lacks the flexibility of editing settings compared to platforms like Twitch Mobile or Streamlabs. To overcome this limitation, you can search for alternative methods or tricks through Google to achieve the settings you desire.

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Console Streamers Tips to Increase Stream Activity

There are numerous ways to grow your console streaming, with varying levels of difficulty and complexity. Here is a list we’ve compiled:

1. You can stream the most popular games, but..

… don’t just stream those popular games.

You need to find a balance between what the viewers want and what they have already seen. You need to find a middle ground between attracting viewers from popular, highly saturated games and creating a niche for yourself to sit in and develop your own community. Who says you can’t combine both into one?

2. Consistently stream what performs well

Consistency is one of the most favored ways to grow a Twitch stream in three separate ways: in the eyes of the algorithm, in the eyes of viewers, and in your own mind.

If Twitch starts recognizing a specific streamer’s consistent streaming at the same time every week with a stable (or exponentially growing) viewer base, they will begin recommending that streamer to more newcomers – identifying you as a potential source of future income.

If you keep doing this and combine it with various other beneficial growth methods, you will have a booming console Twitch stream in no time!

Marketing Tips for Console Streamers

Source: StreamScheme

Marketing a console stream is generally similar to regular streaming, but there may be some key differences.

There are many Discord servers, Twitter groups, Facebook profiles, and more dedicated to helping you grow your console stream. However, you can utilize additional SEO and select keywords to attract fans of console gaming as a genre as a whole.

By consistently using keywords that are specific to consoles, such as console, console games, Xbox, PS4, controllers, joycon, etc., in your description or title, you can gain views from fellow Xbox or PS4 players.

This can be achieved by incorporating those keywords into your content, as well as by utilizing Facebook’s tagging feature, which allows you to describe your stream by tagging it with predetermined keywords provided by Facebook as filtering options for viewers.

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That’s the ultimate console streamers tips to follow this year. Remember that streaming from a console may be more challenging than other broadcasting methods, but it can be incredibly rewarding.

You can tap into various specialized fan bases of console-exclusive games. It just requires a bit more creative thinking to succeed, but the results can be remarkable!

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