How Much Data Does Twitch Streaming Use?

How Much Data Does Twitch Streaming Use
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Twitch streaming can use a significant amount of data. How much data does Twitch streaming use? Well, it actually depends on the quality of the stream, the length of the broadcast, the specific settings, and the hardware used for the stream.

If you’re new to streaming and feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. This post will provide all the information you need to understand everything. Just keep reading for all the details!

How Much Data to Stream on Twitch?

How much data does Twitch streaming use
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When streaming on Twitch, bandwidth usage is an important factor to consider. To stream smoothly without interruptions, you’ll need a sufficient amount of bandwidth. This is determined by the quality of both video feeds – higher-quality streams require more bandwidth. Your ability to stream effectively depends largely on the upload speed of your internet plan.

For example, streaming at 1080p and 60fps requires between 4500-6000 kbps. Lower quality options like 480p, 360p, and 240p need between 400-1200 kbps. Keep in mind that these are just rough estimates and actual bandwidth requirements may vary.

In addition, several things may affect your bitrate, as well as the internet data that will use. Those are:

  • The resolution of your stream
  • Data usage while playing online games
  • Reading chat comments
  • Watching the stream on other devices

The resolution of your stream plays a significant role in determining how much data you’ll use while streaming on Twitch. The higher the resolution, the more data you’ll use.

However, the FPS (frames per second) of your stream doesn’t affect your data usage. It’s recommended to stream at either 30 FPS or 60 FPS for optimal results. Don’t worry – this won’t significantly impact your bandwidth usage unless you’re streaming at a high resolution.

How Much Data Does Twitch Streaming Use Per Hour?

Want to get an idea of how much data you’ll need for a live stream on Twitch? Check out the table below, but it’s worth noting that it’s just an estimate and other factors can influence your actual data usage while streaming.

ResolutionBitrate (kb/s)Data Per HourMin Time to 1 GBMin Time to 5GB
240p500.225GB4hr, 25min22hr, 5min
360p600-800.27-.36GB3hr, 42min18hr, 30min
480p900-1200.405-.54GB2hr, 27min12hr, 15min
720p1800-2500.81-1.125GB1hr, 13min6hr, 5min
1080p3000-35001.35-1.57GB44min 3hr, 40min

According to the table, sticking with 1080p or 720p will need at least 3000 kb/s or 3mb/s for a steady 720p | 30fps, this will require at least a 4 MB Internet connection. Your data usage will be approximately amount to 1.5GB/h.

Additionally, streaming at 1080p | 60fps will use up to 6000kb/s or 6mb/s, requiring you to have at least a 6 MB Internet connection. Your hourly data usage will be approximately come to around 2.7GB/h.

A quick note, these are ballpark figures which give an average look at how much data is used for streaming on Twitch. Factors such as variable resolution, speed fluctuations, bottlenecks, etc. are not involved in these calculations.

How Much Data Does Watch A Twitch Stream Use?

Again, it depends on the above-mentioned factors, majorly resolution and time. If you are watching the lowest quality stream say 240p it will use approx. 300 MB/hr. If you are watching it at a standard quality which is usually set at 480p then 700 MB/hr. Watching an HD stream of 720p-1080p will cost you around 1 GB/hr. Now if you want to watch stuff in 4k it will cost more data than any other stream which is approx. 7Gb/hr.

How Much Bandwidth Do You Need for Gaming?

How Much Data to Stream on Twitch?
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The amount of bandwidth you need for gaming depends on several factors, including the type of game you’re playing, the number of players, and the quality of the graphics. In general, online multiplayer games tend to require more bandwidth than single-player games.

Here are some rough estimates of the amount of bandwidth you might need for gaming:

  • Low-quality graphics: 1-3 Mbps
  • Medium-quality graphics: 3-6 Mbps
  • High-quality graphics: 6-12 Mbps

Keep in mind that these are just estimates and your actual bandwidth needs may vary. It’s also worth noting that some games may require more bandwidth for specific features, such as voice chat or streaming to platforms like Twitch. In these cases, you may need a higher bandwidth connection. It’s always a good idea to test your connection to get a more accurate idea of how much bandwidth you need for gaming.


In conclusion, how much data twitch streaming use depends on a lot of external factors but the usage is certainly a lot. You have to be smart about the consumption as per your requirement. Overall, happy streaming!

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