How to be a Successful Live Streamer With Goal Setting


Setting goals is crucial if you aim to be a successful live streamer. Even as a beginner, it’s important to adopt a professional mindset using the SMART method.

StoneMountain64, a successful streamer with over 6.5 million followers, attributes his success to goal setting.

Building blocks, whether for big or small projects, are essential for streamers of all sizes to stay focused, build momentum, and create a compelling narrative for their communities.

In this article, we will discuss on how to be a successful streamer with the goal-setting method using the SMART goal-setting framework that StoneMountain64 uses every day.

Separate Your Goals Into Two Categories

Goals for live streamers can be categorized into two main categories: personal goals and community goals.

Personal goals are the goals you set for yourself, such as the number of weekly streams, VOD uploads, or social media posts you make. These goals are internal, and you don’t need to communicate them to your audience.

Community goals are external and usually involve achieving a certain number of followers, subscribers, shares/retweets/likes, etc. These goals should be shared with your audience so that they can feel they are part of your journey.

Here are examples of personal goals versus community goals:

Personal Goals

  • Number of weekly streams
  • VOD uploads
  • Social media posts

Community Goals

  • Number of followers
  • Number of subscribers
  • Shares/retweets/likes

Note: Everyone’s goals will look different. Personalize your goals to fit your current situation and ensure they are realistic.

There are benefits to separating your goals into personal and community categories. Achieving your personal goals each week will support you in achieving your larger community goals.

For instance, let’s say you have 1,000 followers in November, but your stretch goal is to reach 2,000 followers by December 31. You might feel uncomfortable with that gap when you should be celebrating your first 1K follower milestone.

That’s why having personal goals is important for focus. You break down your big dreams into manageable pieces that won’t overwhelm you.

Set Your Goal Using the SMART Goal-Setting Method

Want to do it like a pro? This is how StoneMountain64 thinks when he sets goals.

S – Specific

Be clear and specific. The more specific your description, the more likely you are to achieve it. For example, if you start with the statement “I want to be a full-time streamer,” does that mean you want to make enough money to pay bills so you can quit your job, or join a professional e-sports team, or become the next Ninja? Because achieving those goals will look very different in your daily life.

M – Measurable

Use numbers and other ways to track your progress.

For example, if you want to grow your YouTube channel, your goal might be “I want to make money on YouTube.” Being specific means you can refine the goal to “I want to become a YouTube partner to unlock monetization features.”

A – Attainable

Your goals should be realistic and achievable for you to be successful. Consider the effort, time, and other costs required to pursue your goals in relation to your current priorities and obligations in life.

R – Relevant

Make sure that what you’re doing is worth your time and makes sense to pursue now.

If your goal is to reach 1,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel, but you don’t know how to edit videos for upload, it might make sense to set a goal of learning video editing for yourself.

T – Time-Oriented

Give yourself a timeline for all your goals.

For example, “I want to have 1,000+ subscribers” becomes “I want to have 200 subscribers in 2 months” and “I want to reach 1,000 subscribers by the end of this year.”

Put pressure on yourself with deadlines, but also make sure these deadlines align with your schedule. Don’t be afraid to review and revise your goals from time to time if your schedule or priorities change.

Evaluate with 3R: Re-examine, Rethink, Revise

When setting goals, regularly review them every month or every three months. Consider if they are realistic, if you have set the standards too low, or if they need revision as time goes by.

When life happens, you’ll want to revise your goals to ensure you maintain emotional well-being and avoid burnout.


In conclusion, setting goals is a crucial aspect when aiming to become a successful live streamer.

Categorize your goals into personal and community goals, utilize the SMART method for goal-setting, and regularly evaluate progress with the 3R approach every three months.

Stay consistent with your goals, and you’ll be on track to achieve your dreams in no time!

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