How to Network on Twitch: Ultimate Guide to Gaining Followers

Networking is a key to Twitch streamers who wish to grow their online community and reach a wider audience. Building connections with other streamers and viewers can lead to collaboration opportunities, heightened engagement on your channel, and ultimately contribute to the growth of your Twitch presence.

But where and how do you start your networking efforts? Check out this blog post for a few tips on how to network on Twitch and grow your channel.

Why Networking is Crucial for Your Twitch Channel Growth?

How to Grow on Twitch Using Eklipse
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Networking is vital for the growth of any Twitch channel. It involves building relationships with other streamers and viewers to collaborate, share ideas, and expand your community. Personal and professional connections are powerful assets that can help your channel grow exponentially.

By networking, you can meet new people who can offer advice, support, and guidance, and also lead to collaborations to create content and host events.

Networking provides a pool of resources to solve problems or exchange ideas. It helps you stay up-to-date on industry trends and connect with like-minded individuals through Twitch events and community activities.

Tips #1: Being Active in Other Streams

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Actively networking on Twitch means visiting other streamers’ channels, engaging in their chat positively, and building a relationship with the streamer.

However, spamming your stream link in another stream is not a successful strategy and may lead to a negative reputation and potential bans. Instead, treat it like going to a party and focus on building relationships with the community.

Don’t mention your stream unless asked, and try to network with streamers of similar size and niche. Building a good reputation and brand image is essential, as people are unlikely to follow or befriend an annoying chatter.

Networking can lead to opportunities for collaboration, raids, and increased visibility. Therefore, focus on building authentic relationships, rather than promoting your stream.

Tips #2: Network on Twitch Using Social Media

If you’re looking to network on Twitch using social media, the best platforms to use are Twitter and Instagram.

These two platforms are the most popular among streamers and provide excellent opportunities to connect with other streamers. But, other than that, you might also want to consider using TikTok as one of the place for you to networking as a streamer.

Networking on Twitter

To network on Twitter, you can follow other streamers, support their streams, and add your Twitch link to threads where small streamers support each other.

Many streamers on Twitter are willing to follow your Twitch channel and help with any questions you may have. You can also comment on other streamers’ tweets and visit their streams to show support and build recognition.

Networking on Instagram

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Instagram is another platform you can use to connect with other streamers, but it’s more suited for posting catchy pictures and videos rather than networking.

Nevertheless, using hashtags can make it easier for others to discover your content. You can still find and connect with streamers who have similar interests as you on Instagram and offer to play games together.

Networking on TikTok

Grammar and spelling correction: TikTok is the new kid on the block social media platform that you shouldn’t miss out on! Just like Instagram, you can post your cool highlights or funny clips on this platform.

Moreover, you can network and discover other streamers with similar niches as yours. You can connect with them, chat a little, and build a genuine connection.

Apart from that, posting content on TikTok is easier than ever with tools like Eklipse. It has an AI highlight that automatically generates clips from your stream and a Twitch clips to TikTok converter that is available for free!

As you know … content is one of the big reasons creators can share genuine feelings toward each other.

Lastly, it’s important not to come across as spammy or annoying when networking on social media. Instead, focus on building genuine relationships with other streamers and supporting each other’s streams.

Networking on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok can be a quick and easy way to gain followers on Twitch and find new streams to visit.

Tips #3: Network on Twitch Using Discord and Forums

Networking on Twitch can be accomplished by being helpful in Discord and forums.

When it comes to Discord, you should visit other streamers’ Discords and focus on being friendly, supportive, and helpful. It’s not recommended to spam links in Discord as this could lead to your removal.

If you have a small stream, starting your own Discord might not make sense unless you have a few loyal followers who can be active. However, you should still be involved in other streamers’ Discords to build relationships and increase your visibility.

Discord is a useful tool because it allows you to chat with people more easily than in a stream. By building relationships and getting to know others, you can make valuable connections that could lead to growth for your channel.

When it comes to forums, be helpful in forums like Reddit or Facebook groups by showing others what you’re capable of and inviting them to your stream. It could be anything from helping them beat a game to providing them with streaming advice.

Overall, networking is all about making connections and building relationships, and Discord & forums are just a couple of ways to do that.

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In conclusion, networking is an integral part of your strategy to push the growth of your Twitch channel. It involves building relationships with other streamers and viewers, sharing ideas, collaborating, and expanding the community.

Valuable connections can be made by being active in other streams, using social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, and being helpful in Discord and forums. Prioritizing authentic relationships over aggressive promotion is key.

By implementing these networking strategies, engagement can be enhanced, and your Twitch presence can be grown.

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