7 Tips to Create A Cool and Unique Gamertag in 2023

A Gamertag, a nickname or game ID is usually contains a unique name and often becomes a topic of conversation within the gaming community. So, if you want to have a unique name, you can find out the tips through this article.

Choosing a gamertag can be confusing, especially when so many cool names have already been taken. With over 2.5 billion gamers worldwide, there is certainly competition to get the best names.

Here are some tips for creating a cool gamertag or game nickname. These tips are not only for gamers but also for streamers or YouTubers who are still unsure about choosing a cool ID name.

1. Game Naming Rules

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When creating a gamertag for a specific game, you need to consider the genre and other players’ IDs. Here are some rules for naming:

  • Character length: What is the minimum and maximum number of characters you can use for your name?
  • Special characters: You can also use spaces or special characters in your ID name.
  • Appearance: How will the gamertag look? Will it have prominent uppercase letters, or will everything be uppercase or lowercase?

Keep the name short. Try to make it less than 10-15 characters if possible. This will make your name easier to remember.

2. Use Personalized Names

If you haven’t found inspiration yet, you can start by making a list of words that have personal meaning to you. This can include the following:

  • Your name or nickname or initials.
  • Hobbies, passions, or interests.
  • Pets, cars, occupations.
  • Personal qualities or habits.
  • Countries.
  • Colors or tastes.
  • Animals and plants (both real and mythical).

Use an online dictionary or thesaurus. Try to find some synonyms. Think of adverbs or adjectives that can be paired with one of the personal words about yourself.

3. Use a Gamertag Generator

If the gamertag you chose is still not creative enough, you can use a generator. These gamertag generators can be an alternative to combine unique nicknames. There are three gamertag generators you can use, such as SpinXo and Fantasy Name Generators.

4. Choose a Cool and Unique Gamertag

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Using words or terms that spark conversations will make things interesting over time. When you find a funny or creative ID name, people will see you as someone different and might naturally be interested in you. Having a good name will help you make a good first impression when trying to build a team or find new friends.

5. Check Username Availability Across Platforms

If you want to know which names are available or not, you can visit various platforms and check your chosen gamertag. It may take some time, but if you manage to find a rare or unique ID name, your gamertag will feel special.

There is one free platform you can use to check gamertags across multiple platforms. Namechk is a free and easy-to-use online tool that allows you to check potential branding names simultaneously across various platforms and websites.

6. Use the Same Name in All Games

Once you choose a gamertag, try to use it every time you play online multiplayer games. Other players may recognize your ID name in the game and make new contacts.

If you start streaming after playing, that name can also become your streaming channel nickname. If your name is not available in a specific game, consider using a different variation, such as special characters.

7. Use Special Characters

Sometimes, using special characters or numbers can make your name unique. Eye-catching and cool ID names usually make people curious. For example, Entruv, Elle Bami, and so on.

However, if the name you choose is already taken by someone else, you can combine it by replacing letters with numbers or trying different spellings. Although this is not a good idea if you are a pro streamer or pro player, it’s not a problem if you’re just a casual gamer.


Those are the things to consider when creating a gamertag. The above tips are suitable for beginner streamers or content creators. We hope this article helps you to start your career as game streamer!

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