How to Edit Twitch Video: 2 Options You Can Try

Image credit: The Verge

Twitch is a popular live streaming platform that allows users to share their gameplay, music performances, and other content with a global audience.

While Twitch platforms mainly for livestreaming, you might want to edit your Twitch video or the VOD.

Editing the Twitch video allow you to repurpose the content so you can post it on other platforms like YouTube, Instagram, or even TikTok.

But how do you edit a Twitch video?

There are 2 ways you can do that. Read on to know more how to do it!

Option 1: With Twitch Video Producer

Twitch actually have their own video editor that you can access through a browser.

It available on your Creator Dashboard that can be accessed thorugh this way.

Step 1: Open Twitch, Click Profile Icon, choose Creator Dashboard

Step 2: Click three horizontal line on the top left. Choose Content, then Video Producer

Step 3: You’ll see your past broadcast, click Highlight. You’ll be brought to Twitch highlighter

Step 4: Now you can edit your Twitch Video as you want. You can select any area of your stream duration to be a highlight

Step 5: Click Publish Highlight.

After you are done, you’ve got plenty of choice to share it. You can export to YouTube, share highlight URL, or download it to local storage.

Option 2: With 3rd Party Tools like

Another way to edit your Twitch video easily is by using a 3rd party tools like

The best part of Eklipse is this tool can even cut and trim your Twitch video automatically!

So, how do you edit your Twitch clips with Eklipse?

The very first thing to do is you need to turn on the Store Past Broadcast option in Twitch.

When you are done, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Create Eklipse Account

    You can sign up with your Twitch account

  2. Go to the Clips

    Select Streams, then All Streams. You’ll see your past broadcast here. If your past broadcast not shown, click Pull Manually

  3. Click Get Clip

    Eklipse will automatically edit your Twitch video. Emily will send you an email when its finish the auto-clipping process.

  4. Click the green button

    You’ll see all the clips from your stream, the single clips (short clips from one moment) or the compilations (long-duration clips compilation of many moment)

  5. Choose the clip you want

    You can Download the clip to your local storage, Convert it to vertical format, or Save it to Playlist.

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That’s all the option you can try to edit your Twitch video. Have you tried Eklipse already?

It’s a must-try tools for Twitch streamers alike since it will save you so much time and energy editing your VOD. It’s Free!

But in case you want to find other excellent tools to edit your Twitch streams, you can head over to our article here: 7 Best Twitch Video Editors To Make Highlights in 2023. Find your best pick!