How to Edit YouTube Live Stream Video

YouTube Live Stream Videos are a great way to engage with your audience in real-time and create compelling content. However, once the live stream is over, editing the video can help enhance its overall quality and impact.

Now, you don’t have to have great video editing skills. You can use AI editing tools that can help you create highlights automatically out of your long YouTube videos.

In this article, we’ll explore how you can efficiently edit YouTube Live Stream videos using the best AI Tool out there.

Understanding the Editing Process

Editing a YouTube Live Stream video involves various steps that ensure the final product is engaging and professional. From trimming unwanted segments to adding engaging visual effects, there are numerous features available for enhancing your video’s appeal.

How to Edit YouTube Videos Automatically Using Eklipse

Eklipse is the best AI tool that can help you automatically edit your long YouTube videos. From gaming streams to talking videos like podcasts or talkshow, Eklipse can help you.

With the new YouTube Video Highlight feature, you only need to copy the URL to your video, and Eklipse’s amazing AI will generate short clips that’s TikTok-ready. Try it now since it’s free!

  1. Make sure you already sign up for Eklipse. Subscribe for a premium plan for more features.
  2. Find a YouTube video you want to clip. Copy the link.
  3. Navigate to Eklipse dashboard at
  4. Paste the YouTube link into the “Insert Youtube video link” field.
  5. Click “Get Clip”
  6. Select the language you’re gonna use for the auto-caption.
  7. Select video category; podcast, edu, etc.
  8. Click “Clip Now”.
  9. Right after the video is finished, click the video to further edit.
  10. You can choose which highlights you want to download.
  11. Click Download to download the video.
  12. If you want to share the highlight video, click “Share” and choose which social media platform you want to share to > Share Now.
  13. Insert title and hashtag.
  14. Share > Publish.

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Step-by-Step Guide on Editing YouTube Live Stream Videos

Want to edit your video manually? Don’t worry, you can do it too with this guide.

1. Accessing YouTube Studio
2. Navigating to Content
3. Opening the Video Editor
4. Trimming Start or End of the Video
5. Cutting Out a Section of the Video
6. Saving Your Edits

Now that we’ve outlined an overview of the editing process let’s dive into each step to provide more detailed instructions:

Accessing YouTube Studio

To begin editing your live stream video, access your YouTube Studio account by signing in on a computer.

Navigating to Content

Once in YouTube Studio, navigate to “Content” from the left menu where you will find all your uploaded videos.

Opening the Video Editor

Select the specific video you’d like to edit by clicking on its title or thumbnail, then choose “Editor” from the left menu.

Trimming Start or End of the Video

You can trim either end of your video using this feature by dragging a blue box across your desired segment before saving it.

Cutting Out a Section of the Video

Instead of just trimming, select “NEW CUT” under Trim & Cut and drag a red box across the portion you’d like to remove before confirming your edits.

Saving Your Edits

After completing editing tasks, click “Save” to preserve changes made effectively.

By following these simple yet effective steps, you can effortlessly edit your YouTube Live Stream videos for optimal results.

Additional Options Available

In addition to basic trimming and cutting options, there are additional features such as reverting to original settings and downloading edited videos for future use that users can explore within YouTube’s editor toolset.

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