How to Edit YouTube Live Stream Videos Automatically Using AI [Beginner’s Guide]

We all know Live Streams are awesome for connecting with your audience in real-time, but let’s be honest, editing that long video afterward can be a real chore. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! The good news is, you don’t have to be a video editing wiz to create polished content.

Enter the world of AI editing tools. These handy programs can be lifesavers for busy creators like yourself. It is possible to take your long Live Stream recording and an AI tool automatically helps you create highlight reels, cut out any unwanted pauses, or even add intros and outros.

This guide is here to show you how to take advantage of these amazing tools and streamline your editing process for your YouTube Live Streams. Let’s explore some of the best options available and get you started on creating even more engaging content for your viewers!

How to Automatically Edit YouTube Videos with Eklipse

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Eklipse is a powerful AI tool that can help you automatically edit your long YouTube videos. Whether you create gaming streams, talk shows, or podcasts, Eklipse can save you time and effort.

The new “YouTube Video Highlight” feature is completely free to use! Simply copy the URL of your video, and Eklipse’s AI will automatically generate short clips perfect for sharing on TikTok.

Here’s how to use Eklipse to edit your YouTube videos:

  1. Find your video: Locate the YouTube video you want to edit and copy the link.
  2. Navigate to Eklipse: Visit the Eklipse dashboard at
  3. Paste the link: In the “Insert Youtube video link” field, paste the copied link from your YouTube video.
  4. Choose video type: Select “YouTube Video” as the video type.
  5. Customize your clip:
    • Language: Choose the language for auto-captions (available with premium plans).
    • Category: Select the video category (e.g., podcast, education) for better optimization (available with premium plans).
  6. Generate clips: Click the “Clip Now” button.
  7. Review and download: Once processing is complete, click the video and choose the highlights you want to download. Click “Download” to save the video clip.
  8. Share your clip: Click “Share” to choose your preferred social media platform. Enter a title and relevant hashtags, then click “Share Now” to publish your clip.

Manually Edit Your YouTube Live Streams: A Step-by-Step Guide

This guide offers a clear and straightforward approach to manually editing your YouTube Live Stream videos.

1. Access YouTube Studio

Sign in to YouTube Studio on your computer.

Source: NearStream

2. Locate Your Live Stream

Navigate to the “Content” section from the left-hand menu in YouTube Studio. This section displays all your uploaded videos, including your Live Streams.

Source: HubSpot

3. Open the Video Editor

Find the live-stream video you want to edit by clicking on its title or thumbnail. Once selected, choose “Editor” from the menu on the left side of the screen.

Source: HubSpot

4. Trim Unwanted Segments

You can use the “Trim” feature to remove sections from the beginning or end of your video. Drag the blue box across the unwanted segment you wish to remove. Remember to save your changes after trimming.

Source: HubSpot

5. Cut Out Specific Sections

For more precise editing, use the “New Cut” option under the “Trim & Cut” section. Drag the red box across the exact portion you want to remove. Before confirming, ensure you’re happy with the selection.

Source: HubSpot

6. Save Your Edits

Once you’ve finished editing your video, click “Save” to permanently apply your changes.

Following these steps empowers you to efficiently edit your YouTube Live Streams for a more polished and engaging viewing experience.

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1. Can I edit my YouTube Live Stream videos?

Absolutely! YouTube Studio offers a built-in editor that allows you to trim and cut your videos. You can also add titles, cards, and end screens to enhance viewer engagement and provide valuable context. Additionally, the editor lets you revert to your original settings if needed, so you can experiment freely.

2. What are some advanced editing options for my Live Streams?

While YouTube Studio offers basic editing features, you can explore third-party tools like Eklipse. This AI-powered platform goes beyond trimming and cutting, automatically generating short, captivating highlights perfect for social media platforms like TikTok, Shorts, or Reels. Eklipse analyzes your live stream and identifies your best moments, saving you editing time and effort.

3. How can I download my edited Live Stream video?

Once you’ve finished editing your video in YouTube Studio, you can easily download it for future use or sharing on other platforms. Simply click the “Download” button within the editor, and your enhanced video will be saved to your computer.

4. Can I edit my livestream while it’s still live?

Unfortunately, YouTube Studio doesn’t allow real-time editing during a live stream. However, you can leverage features like scheduling your stream in advance and adding a pre-recorded intro or outro.

5. Are there any free editing options for my Live Streams?

Yes! YouTube Studio’s built-in editor is completely free to use for basic trimming and cutting. Additionally, Eklipse offers a free plan that allows you to automatically generate a limited number of highlights from your Live Streams.

Final Thoughts

YouTube Studio offers even more to explore! Its editor goes beyond trimming and cutting, allowing you to refine your video with titles, cards, and end screens. These features enhance viewer engagement and provide valuable context.

Additionally, the editor lets you go back to your original settings, so you can try things out without permanent changes. Finally, after editing, YouTube Studio allows you to download the improved video for future use or sharing on other platforms.

Want great social media clips from your Live Streams? Try Eklipse! This free tool uses AI to look at your Twitch, YouTube, or Kick streams and makes short highlights for TikTok, Shorts, or Reels. Let Eklipse find your best moments while you keep making awesome live content.

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