How to Get Verified on Twitch: A Brief Explanation

When you see any verified Twitch account that has a checkmark next to their name, you may be questioning how to get verified on twitch, right?

It commonly happens when everybody wants to get a verified account. But how? Should we become a super-famous celebrity first? Or should we have a big brand to be verified by Twitch? To answer your questions, let us explain it all through this article.

What is Twitch Verified Account?

Twitch Verified badge
Source: Verified Badge

Verified account in Twitch is symbolized by a purple-octagon badge with a white checkmark in the middle. Most people think that this verified badge is important to prove the legitimacy of an account.

If you are in a way to be a famous streamer, then you’ll need this because it could help you to earn some amount of clout, and you can influence other more.

Back to this purple badge, it is given to the streamers in Twitch if they succeed to become a Twitch Partner. To be joining the Twitch Partner program, there are some requirements you need to fulfill.

But can we get verified if Twitch without joining the partner program? The answer is yes, you absolutely can. If you are a famous celebrity or have a big brand, maybe Twitch will take you into their consideration.

How to Get Verified on Twitch?

It is a bit tricky though, to be verified by Twitch. Despite that, Twitch has brought you steps about how you can get a verified account. 

As mentioned, to get a verified account you need to be a part of the Twitch Partner program first. It requires you to be an Affiliate by fulfilling these requirements:

  • Stream for 25 hours over 30 days
  • Stream on 12 different days over 30 day period
  • Average 75 viewers over 30 day period
  • Apply
Twitch Partner
Source: YouTube

If you have achieved those requirements, you are now eligible to apply to become Twitch Affiliate. The twitch team will process and give a response toward your application around seven business days (a week and a half).

However, even if you got that all on your hands, this still cannot guarantee you that you can be in a partnership with Twitch. Twitch still has many things to be considered before they put the purple badge, such as your community, chat interactions, brand, streaming numbers, and viewership.

Sometimes, Twitch also examines your track record, your followers, and other reasons that only they know. So, it is indeed a gamble.

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How Many Follower Do We Need to Get Verified Twitch?

Followers are the important thing to determine whether you deserve the purple badge or not. But Twitch does not take it as the only factor to get you into a Twitch Partner.

It is because sometimes, many users have manipulated their followers by using many fake accounts. So, in this case, Twitch cares more about how you, as a streamer, can attract people to interact with your streams. 

You may try to get Twitch followers as much as you can, but do not forget to keep streaming, and keep attracting people to interact with you.

How To Get Verified on Twitch: Grow Your Channel Through Clips Sharing

One thing for sure if you really want to get a verified account, you just keep focusing on growing your channel instead. Besides doing streaming often and making interaction with your viewers, you can also provide many clips from your Twitch.

It helps your channel develop because through Twitch clips the viewers can quickly share the unique or the coolest moment of your streams to their social media. And that is a good idea, ain’t it?

To clip your streams, you can utilize Eklipse software that provides an editing tool with AI technology. It will automatically clip the highlight of your streams. You can go to the websiteto start making your clips.


It is indeed difficult to get a verified account. But at least, you have learned how to get verified on Twitch from this article. If you own a Twitch channel and have grown bigger in the future, you just need to put effort to get a verified Twitch account.


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