How To Share A Twitch Video At A Certain Time

Sometimes when you enjoy any interesting streaming on Twitch, you want them to see the cool things inside too. Therefore, you want to share the link with them, right? It’s actually possible to let your friend watch a certain part of a Twitch video. However, many people still don’t get how to share a twitch video at a certain time.

Of course, you don’t need to share the whole part of the Twitch video to be enjoyed by your friend. Otherwise, you can just take a specific part at a specific point in the video. When you click the share button and share the streaming URL, you’ll share the entire Twitch video with your friends.

Additionally, you can just ‘mention’ the specific time and part which you want your friend to watch. So without any further ado, we are going to give you clear directions on how to do it. Check it down below.

How To Share A Twitch Video At A Certain Time Easily

How To Share A Twitch Video At A Certain Time
Source: Tom’s Guide

You can easily share certain VOD or Twitch streaming videos with other users. All you need to do is just copy the URL and send it to your friend. Additionally, there’s another way to do it if you wish to share a certain part of a Twitch video with others. Here is the step by step.

  • First of all, open Twitch using the app or official site and log in with your active account
  • Second, find the Twitch VOD or streaming video you want to share with your friend
  • Then, once you’ve got it, just see the URL of the Twitch VOD you’re going to share
  • The key is in the timestamp, so before you copy the link and share it with your friend just add the time stamp to the end of the URL
  • For example, if you want to link to 100 minutes and 20seconds, you can add ?t=100m20s at the end of the URL. You can set any certain time as your timestamp.
  • After you added the timestamp to the end of the URL link, you can copy the whole link and start to share it with other users
  • Finally, your friends are able to watch the specific moment of the Twitch video you’ve sent to them

Just so you know that you can also add the specific hour instead of only minutes and seconds. If you want to send the 3 hours 103 minutes and 45 seconds, the format will be ?t=3h103m45s. It’s just a piece of cake, isn’t it?


By knowing how to share a twitch video at a specific time, you are now able to send the specific moment or part of the Twitch video to your friends. No need the whole time should you send to them. Just try it out and enjoy!

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