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Twitch VoD: A guide for new streamers

Twitch VoD is a feature that allows viewers to revisit your best streaming moments. Let us start with understanding what is VoD and why is it so loved by streamers and gamers? Why should streamers have VoD? When it comes to live streaming platforms, we often come across the term VoD. Of course, for those new to streaming, this can be very confusing.

This article will cover all you need to know about VoD and Twitch VoD and its importance. Also for those of you who want to start a streamer career, you should definitely know what VoD is because it can attract more viewers and help you engage with your new viewers better.

What is VoD?

VoD stands for Video on Demand.

Usually, the video is recorded with a screen recording software during a Twitch or any livestream. A VoD usually synthesizes your main highlights from games. In addition, there are also some VoD implementations within player audio commentary. Its purpose is to provide tips or explain in-game tactics.

A Twitch VoD is the same, it allows you to share your best streaming moments with old and new viewers. This way they will not miss anything. This feature is also available on your mobile devices.

How to enable Twitch VoD to attract more views?

  • Go to your Twitch profile icon in the right corner
  • Click on the “Creators Dashboard”
  • Open “Settings” and then click “Stream”
  • Now click “VOD Settings” and the enable “Store Past Broadcasts”.
  • The “Always Publish VoD” option under it will enable by default
  • You can also turn the “Always Publish VoD” off if you want
How to enable Twitch VoD
Source: Dot Esports

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We will also introduce you to other terms that you can confuse with VoD.

What is the difference between VoD, Live Streaming and Replay?

Now you know what VoD is. However, there are other terms that people often confuse with VoD, even though their meanings are actually different from VoD.


  • Compilation of highlights or instructions from players.
  • You can rewind and view it any time.
  • Gamer can respond to viewers when they are online.


  • Live broadcast.
  • Unable to play back once it ends.
  • Spectators and players can interact directly with the live streamers


  • A feature that allows you to replay past matches.
  • Allows you to view from different players’ perspectives.
  • Used by eSports teams to learn about their mistakes in major tournaments.

Why is Twitch VoD important for streaming?

If live streaming is enough, then why do streamers need a VoD? The answer is very simple. With Twtich VoD, you can attract more viewers! You want viewers to follow or subscribe to you immediately when they first visit your channel.

But out of countless streams or videos, which one should they watch first? You will want them to click on the most interesting video, right? This is why you need VoD and Twitch is the best streaming platform to offer this excellent feature.

VoD can be the set of highlights from your game that you feel are the best. For example, if you are playing an FPS game, you can show case scenes where you kill the opposing team. So your viewers will immediately appreciate at your skills and will not hesitate to follow you!

Tips to create highlights from Twitch VoD

To get viewers more interested in following you, you need to know how to make highlight clips from Twitch VoD to stand out. Here are tips to get you started.

  1. Choose the best scenes in your game battle
    Edit your videos as creatively as possible, such as adding songs, fun memes, or sound effects. You can also insert an introduction to your VoD that explains the games you play and the type of content you create.
  2. For a review or tutorial video, make sure your language or voice is easy to understand.
  3. Do not show malicious scenes or violate the rules of platforms like Facebook, Youtube, TikTok (gore, horror, etc.)
  4. Respond carefully to viewers’ comments, they will feel very appreciated!

Create Amazing Highlights with Eklipse

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There’s no denying that creating a good VoD requires a lot of time and effort. You see, in addition to the content aspect, you also need to edit the video to be attractive.

We got you, you can now create a clip in no time without having to edit it. In fact, you don’t even have to bother finding good highlights in your Twitch VoD.

You can do it all automatically, from selecting the highlight scene to creating the video clip. All you need to do is sit down, stream your favorite game and then upload the finished VoD to Eklipse. All of this is made possible using Eklipse, a powerful AI that creates excellent game highlights.

You can share these highlights to all your social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok. Use the new Eklipse feature to make excellent Instagram reels and Tiktok shorts to promote your content more.


Twitch VoD have made it easy for to not miss the streams from their favorites. VoD highlights help the game streamers to promote their channels quickly. To create an interesting video, you can edit a series of highlights, which can be combined with songs, memes and sound effects.

Creating a good highlight certainly takes time, but with Eklipse it’s super easy. No need to bother with video editing, just play the game and wait for your highlight video to be ready!

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