Eklipse: The Best Clip Converter TikTok To Try

Get confused to deciding the best clip converter TikTok? You are stopped on the right page. Fortunately, we have A.I generated TikTok converter that has a friendly interface and is super easy to use. Wanna find out more about this? Just stay tuned on our page!

What’s Actually TikTok Clip Converter?

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You may need a converter if you are regularly using TikTok, either as a creator or just as a user.

Have you ever felt like you are in love with a video of others and you want to save it, so you can access it anytime and anywhere you need it? Otherwise, is it really possible since TikTok doesn’t have features that allow you to watch the video offline?

The answer is a big yes. It’s absolutely possible to do. You can download TikTok video you wish directly from the TikTok app. However, you can only have the TikTok video in GIFs format. This is not bad actually, but GIF often has a small resolution. This means that it’ll be not really nice to watch or even be reposted.

That’s why the converter TikTok MP4 has been made. It aims to help you save your favourite TikTok videos. So you won’t lose any good content. 

You don’t need to launch any converter apps, since there are many TikTok downloaders and converters available online. Just find that suits you well. Most online converters require you to paste the video URL on their website, then the site will bring you to the editing section.

There, you can pour your creativity. Some have paid features, meanwhile, some are totally free. But aside from all sorts of things, we have Eklipse as our best clips creator.

Know More About Eklipse: The Best TikTok Converter

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If you are going to find the best choice to download TikTok in a super-easy way but in a high resolution, Eklipse is the answer.

Eklipse is basically an A.I generated-tool that allows you to capture the clips from the game streaming moment. Nevertheless, we have upgraded our feature to be handier for all users. Now, our tool supports converting the clips or highlights to TikTok easily. 

It’s actually a total-free online service. Meaning that you don’t need to pay for a feature that can help you to convert TikTok videos.

The special thing on Eklipse that you can’t find in other clips converter is this website allow you to convert clips automatically. Yes, you are not dreaming. This is real! You’ll just need to sit and wait for the A.I do its best to make your clips.

Before you start to use this TikTok converter without a watermark, all you have to do is do free registration first. Either with your email, Facebook, or Twitch account. Then, you can have it all and get your best TikTok clips.

How To Use Eklipse As TikTok Converter?

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Done registering yourself on Eklipse? Then now it’s time to create TikTok clips. Eklipse provides you with an easy tool to use. So if you are a beginner, no need to worry because we got covered your back. 

You can learn how to clip the TikTok video with Eklipse in our previous article. Read on and enjoy!


Clip converter TikTok is actually needed by most of its users. One of the best TikTok clippers that are worth trying is Eklipse. Among its features is its ability to let you use clips from TikTok videos as well as help you edit them more conveniently using an automatic A.I. system. It’s just great, isn’t it? Go try it now.

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