How To Stream Switch On Twitch Easily

Twitch has become the most popular streaming platform nowadays. Vloggers, cosplayers, and gamers are all sharing their content on Twitch. Especially gamers can play the game either through PC, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch. But have you ever known how to stream Switch on Twitch?

We have written this article to help you if you haven’t. You will know that you can actually stream Switch on Twitch. Curious about how it works? Let’s just begin the tutorial.

Preparation Before Go Live From Switch to Twitch

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As we know, Nintendo Switch doesn’t offer any built-in streaming features. However, you can still broadcast your game playing moment using the capture card.

To start stream Switch to Twitch, you’ll need to prepare some stuff. They are:

  • A Nintendo Switch
  • OBS Studio as streaming software
  • HDMI cable
  • A compatible PC or laptop
  • A capture card

Have done preparing the stuff? Now, let’s just move over to the next step of streaming Switch to Twitch. Get ready!

How To Stream Switch on Twitch Using Capture Card

Capture card plays an important role here as Switch has not equipped for streaming directly. Well, here are the steps you have to follow:

  • First, launch the OBS Studio first and the capture card software on your computer
  • Second, insert the Nintendo Switch into the Dock by connecting the USB-C port
  • Then, connect the HDMI from the dock to the capture card to transmit the data to your PC
  • Head to your PC and open the capture card software there
  • Turn on your Switch by pressing the Power button at the top left corner
  • Next, plug in the USB cable from the capture card to the computer
  • Now, you are supposed to be able to see the Nintendo screen on your PC
  • After that, you can head to and log in with your account
  • Select Profile > click Account Settings
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  • Find and click Channel and Videos tab
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  • Next, find Primary Stream Key and click on the Copy button
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Setting Up The OBS Studio To Finish The Tutorial

Now that you have successfully set up the video capture card and Twitch, you need to set up OBS as well. This is the important part to make your Switch stream visible on Twitch. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Open the OBS Studio
  • Then, hit File > Settings > Stream
  • Make sure you have chosen Twitch as your service
  • After that, paste the stream key into the available small box and click OK
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  • Do right-click anywhere on OBS Studio > click Add > Video Capture Device
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  • Name the layer, and find the capture device > click OK
  • The box will appear and show the live footage and you can adjust it
  • Do the same thing if you are going to add a webcam
  • When you’re ready to broadcast, click Start Streaming

How To Stream Switch On Twitch Without Capture Card

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Capture card indeed plays a significant role to stream your Switch to Twitch. However, this is not everyone’s choice since you need to spend at least $60 to $150 for a quality capture card. That’s a bit costly though.

But do not worry, because you still can go live on Twitch without a capture card. Using Xbox One can be the best option. To do so, just follow this tutorial.

  • Insert the Nintendo Switch into the dock and connect it to the PC by doing the same process as above
  • Then, connect the Xbox One to the PC monitor using an Ethernet cable
  • Launch the Switch to the OneGuide or Xbox One
  • After that, download Xbox app on your device
  • Find the app for an Xbox console that shows Switch
  • Launch OBS Studio on your PC and run it by doing the same method as above
  • Now you can stream from the OBS studio


Though Switch has no feature that supports you to stream games to a certain platform, there are many ways you can do to make it happens. Whether using a capture card or not, that’s not become a big deal. After you know how to stream Switch on Twitch, are you interested to try it? Put your comment down below.

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