Elden Ring Co-op Tutorial

Elden Ring co-op can be a little confusing to those who are new to this game, that’s why we have created this guide for you. The long wait for Elden Ring ended with its release last February 25 and we were all looking for the best way to enjoy it. One of the things you might try exploring right now is its co-op and multiplayer functionality, which can be a bit confusing for new players. Therefore, here are the basics that you should know to fully enjoy the features.

Elden Ring Co-op Tutorial

elden ring co op
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Cooperative and competitive multiplayer options will allow players to play multiple roles in the game. You can be the “Host” who hosts the game or “Ally” who can help the Host against bosses, minions, or “Invaders”. Invaders are just like you. However, instead of hosting their own game or helping other Hosts, they want to fight you by invitation. They can also be a party nuisance by invading your game, but that adds to the overall fun of the experience.

  1. Once you know the role you want to play, you can now collect or craft the items you want in order to do cooperation and competitive play in the Elden Ring.
  2. They are Tarnished’s Furled Finger (to place a Summon Sign somewhere so others can summon you for co-op assistance), Small Golden Effigy (to send a co-op Summon Sign to active Summoning Pools), Small Red Effigy (to send Competitive Summon Sign for active Summoning Pools), Furlcalling Finger Remedy (to see Summon Signs placed on the ground), Duelist Furled Finger (to generate Summon Signs for competitive PvP multiplayer), and Bloody Finger (to enter another player’s world a complete invasion).
  3. In order to use the Small Golden Effigy and Small Red Effigy for summoning other players in a certain area, you need to activate the Statue of Martyrs (a small stone sculpture that looks like a person attached to a crescent-shaped symbol) that you will find in the game. Just use the Y KEY (controller) or E keybind (PC) to interact with the statue in order to activate the summoning pools.
  4. You can also set a matchmaking password found in the Multiplayer tab in the menu and share it with your friends, so that only selected players can access your Summoning Sign.


So, that’s all about Elden Ring co-op tutorial. In conclusion, in order to summon your friends, you will need to use the Tarnished Furled Finger and Furlcalling Finger Remedy to see other summons. Pretty easy, right?

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