The Best Music to Use for a Memorable Twitch Stream

Are you looking to use music for memorable Twitch stream? Whether you’re into lo-fi, metal, or any other genre, finding the right music can be crucial for creating an engaging and memorable experience for your viewers. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best options to use music for memorable Twitch stream.


Developed by Harris Heller, StreamBeats offers a 6-hour Lo-Fi playlist that is completely copyright-free. This means you won’t have to worry about getting claimed while streaming on Twitch. With a wide range of tracks, StreamBeats provides the perfect backdrop for your streams without any legal issues. is another excellent option for royalty-free music streaming. Designed specifically for streaming, this platform allows you to save the currently playing song to a text file and display it in your overlay. Additionally, it can post song links in the chat, making it easy for your viewers to discover new music.

Monstercat on Streamlabs

If you’re a fan of Monstercat’s music, you can use the app available on Streamlabs to stream their tracks without worrying about copyright issues. This provides access to a vast library of music that can add energy and excitement to your streams without risking any strikes or takedowns.

For those looking for a variety of free music options, is an excellent resource. With a diverse collection of royalty-free tracks, you can find the perfect sound to complement your content without any legal concerns.

Ambient Mixer

If you’re interested in creating custom soundscapes for your streams, Ambient Mixer is worth exploring. This platform allows you to build unique audio environments without any licensing issues, giving you complete freedom in crafting the perfect atmosphere for your audience.

Choosing the Right Music Genre

When selecting music for your Twitch stream, consider your audience’s preferences and the overall vibe of your content. While metal may energize some viewers, others might prefer lo-fi or indie tracks as background noise. It’s essential to strike a balance that resonates with your community while staying true to your personal taste.


In conclusion, incorporating the right music into your Twitch stream can significantly enhance the viewing experience and keep your audience engaged. By leveraging these platforms and resources, you can access a wide range of copyright-free tracks that align with various genres and moods. Ultimately, finding the perfect soundtrack will help create memorable moments on your channel.

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