5 Best AI Video Clipping Tools to Try in 2024

Video clipping tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI) have revolutionized the way content creators repurpose long videos into short, attention-grabbing clips. These tools leverage advanced algorithms to identify key moments and generate viral-worthy shorts with ease.

If you’re a gamer, you know that clipping the best moments from your streams is essential for building an audience and growing your channel. But manually clipping highlights can be time-consuming and tedious, especially if you stream for long hours.

If you’re looking to enhance your video editing process and create engaging content, here are 5 of the best AI video clipping tools to try in 2024.

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1. Eklipse – The Best AI Video Clipping Tool Online Free

Eklipse is a state-of-the-art AI tool that automatically generates highlights from your game streams, so you can focus on streaming and let Eklipse do the rest.

Eklipse uses AI to identify the most exciting and engaging moments in your streams, from clutch plays to funny fails. Once it’s identified the best moments, Eklipse automatically clips them and generates a highlight reel that you can share on social media or upload to your channel.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using Eklipse:

  • Save time and effort: Eklipse automatically clips your highlights for you, so you can focus on streaming and building your audience.
  • Create more engaging content: Eklipse’s AI ensures that your highlight reels are packed with the most exciting and engaging moments from your streams, which will keep your viewers coming back for more.
  • Grow your channel faster: Sharing your Eklipse highlight reels on social media is a great way to reach new viewers and grow your channel.

If you’re looking for the best AI video clipping tool to help you create more engaging and shareable content, then Eklipse is the perfect solution for you.

Sign up for a free account today and start creating awesome highlights from your streams/videos!

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2. Opus Clip

Opus Clip is a leading AI video clipping tool that allows you to transform long-talking videos into viral clips with just one click. Powered by generative AI technology, Opus Clip analyzes your video content and selects the most compelling hooks to create cohesive shorts.

This tool supports video links from popular platforms such as YouTube, Zoom, Vimeo, Rumble, StreamYard, and more. With its multi-language support (English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese), Opus Clip offers a wide range of possibilities for content creators.

Key Features:

– AI Curation (ClipGenius™): Opus Clip’s AI analyzes your video to identify the most compelling hooks and extracts relevant highlights from different parts of your video.
– AI Virality Score™: The tool generates a score that indicates the virality potential of each short clip based on analysis of thousands of viral videos.
– AI Co-Pilot: Allows you to select specific timeframes or look for specific parts to clip based on keywords.
– Active Speaker Detection: Ensures that you and your guest’s faces are always at the center of the video frame.
– AI Keyword Highlighter: Analyzes your video captions and highlights valuable keywords for increased watch time.
– AI Emoji Generator: Automatically adds relevant emojis to highlight valuable content.

Opus Clip has been trusted by over 1 million creators worldwide and has garnered positive feedback for its ability to increase views, revenue, and subscriber growth.

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3. AI Magic Tools

AI Magic Tools is a comprehensive video editing platform that offers various features to help you create and grow your content. With its Caption Animation feature, you can enhance your watch time by adding captivating caption animations.

The AI B-Roll feature automatically adds relevant b-rolls to supplement your video clips, providing a more engaging viewing experience. AI Magic Tools also offers a unique multi-speaker layout that ensures every speaker makes an appearance in the video frame.

Key Features:

– Caption Animation: Increase watch time with various caption animations.
– AI B-Roll: Automatically add relevant b-rolls to supplement your video clips (Coming soon).
– Multi-Speaker Layout: Ensures every speaker is prominently featured in the video frame.
– Trim & Extend Clips: Easily trim or extend your clips to make the content more complete.
– Auto Resizing: Automatically resize videos to a 9:16 ratio with the speaker on full screen.
– Filler Word Removal: Remove filler words automatically for cleaner audio.
– Auto Captioning: Add captions with over 97% accuracy to increase watch time by 45%.
– 1080p Resolution: Enjoy free 1080p resolution for impeccable video quality.
– Multi-Language Support: AI Magic Tools currently supports German, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

AI Magic Tools has received positive feedback from creators who appreciate its ability to save time and improve content quality.

4. ClipGenius™

ClipGenius™ is an advanced AI curation tool designed to simplify the process of creating viral short videos. By analyzing your video content, ClipGenius™ identifies the most compelling hooks and extracts relevant highlights from different parts of your video.

This tool seamlessly rearranges these highlights into cohesive viral shorts, making it easy for you to repurpose long videos into attention-grabbing clips.

Key Features:

– AI Curation: Analyzes your video to identify the most compelling hooks and extracts relevant highlights.
– Virality Score: Generates a score based on AI’s analysis of thousands of viral videos, indicating the virality potential of each short clip.

ClipGenius™ is trusted by creators who value its ability to save time and deliver high-quality, engaging short videos.

5. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora’s AI muscles jump in to automagically clip your videos. Whether it’s identifying the funniest moments in your Twitch stream or extracting key points from a lecture, Filmora’s AI analyzes content, selects highlights, and even generates captions & music to craft engaging snippets for TikTok, Instagram, or any platform.

Filmora packs a punch when it comes to AI-powered clipping:

  • Smart Video Analysis
  • Auto-Clipping Magic
  • Caption & Music Boost
  • Creative Control

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In conclusion, 5 AI video clipping tools offer a range of features designed to streamline the process of repurposing long videos into engaging shorts. Whether you’re looking to increase views, revenue, or subscriber growth, these tools provide the necessary capabilities to enhance your content creation journey. Experiment with different tools and discover which ones best suit your specific needs as a creator in 2024.