How to Earn Stars on Facebook in Only 3 Steps (2023)

How to earn Stars on Facebook? The truth is, unleashing the power of Facebook Stars to enhance your creator journey and revenue stream is easier than ever!

Facebook Stars are virtual tokens that allow fans to show their love while empowering creators to reciprocate. These tokens span across various content types, including FB Reels, video on-demand, and more. Let’s dive deeper into fan engagement with Stars here!

How to Earn Stars on Facebook for Streamers

how to earn stars on facebook

Ready to earn your first Facebook Stars? Let’s follow these simple tips and steps to get your FB Stars easily:

1. Set Star Goals

Star Goals enable your audience to contribute to the targets or objectives you set in a more meaningful way. These goals appear as overlays and display the target amount and the goal itself. To offer Star Goals during your FB live streams, you need to set up and activate Stars (on mobile or desktop).

For example, Matthew Santoro, creator of “amazing facts and spooky stories,” uses Star Goals challenges to boost fan participation. He sets a goal to receive 100,000 Stars to purchase new production equipment for enhancing his videos quality.

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2. Promote Stars Regularly

Don’t forget to mention your Facebook Stars in various video formats and descriptions. Whether you’re using Stars in Facebook Reels, live streams, or video on-demand, consistently post content to let fans know when to tune in.

One perfect example of this is Dry Bar Comedy, which creates direct explanation videos to inform fans about how to send Stars and their benefits. In this case, Stars help Dry Bar support comedians and deliver funnier content to their audience.

You can also explain to your fans the benefits of Facebook Stars for gaming streamers. For example, if they give more Stars, they can get more extra gaming content or access interesting exclusive gaming sessions, gaming hacks/secrets, and more.

3. Recognize and Interact with Star Senders

Last but not least, express your gratitude to Star senders during the video by mentioning their names, answering their questions, or responding to their comments. Star senders are highlighted in your video comments for easy recognition.

Show your appreciation for top Star senders by pinning their comments or giving them clear shoutouts to convey your thanks. Your interaction with Star senders can help other viewers realize the benefits of sending Stars.

Use the “Star sender filter” at the top of your live stream, where creators can see a ranked list of Star senders based on the number of Stars sent.

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New Formats of Facebook Stars

Stars now come in diverse formats. Therefore, you can earn Stars through many flexible ways:

Stars in Facebook Reels

Try out Stars in Reels, a fresh way to make money on Facebook Reels. It’s simple: onboard with Stars, create a reel, and start earning immediately.

Stars for Video on-Demand

Make money with Stars for Facebook video on-demand. Stars for video on-demand offer you the chance to use the features you love from Stars for FB Live, such as acknowledging Star senders, liking Star sender comments, and reviewing Star Insights.

Stars for Facebook Live

Lastly, Stars for Facebook Live allow you to earn money on your live videos, both during and after the stream. Elevate your live streaming game with Stars!

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Checking Star Earnings Estimates

To view your earnings estimates for Stars and Top Star Senders in professional mode, go follow these steps:

  1. Open the Professional Dashboard > Stars > Insights.
  2. On Pages, go to Creator Studio > Insights > Earnings.

By regularly reviewing insights, you can make decisions about future content and learn more about your audience.


That’s everything about how to earn stars on Facebook! It’s easy, right? Now, incorporate these tips into your Facebook content strategy and watch your Star earnings soar. Good luck in boosting your income while building deeper connections with your fans!

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