How to Add Commentary to a Video: 3 Ultimate Strategies

Are you looking to enhance your videos by adding commentary? Whether you’re a content creator, gamer, or simply want to add your thoughts and insights to a video, adding commentary can bring a new level of engagement and interest.

In this article, we will explore different methods and tools that you can use to add commentary to your videos effectively. From voice-over recording in editing software to using external devices, we’ve got you covered.

Read on to discover the best ways to add your own personal touch to any video.

Adding Commentary with Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere is a popular video editing software that offers various features for enhancing your videos, including the ability to add commentary. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Import your video footage into Adobe Premiere.
  2. Record your voice-over using an external microphone or the built-in microphone on your computer.
  3. Sync the timing of your voice-over with the video footage by adjusting the audio track.
  4. Use the editing tools in Adobe Premiere to fine-tune your commentary, such as adjusting volume levels or adding effects.
  5. Preview the video with the added commentary and make any necessary adjustments before exporting it.

Adding commentary with Adobe Premiere allows you full control over the timing and quality of the voice-over. However, keep in mind that this method requires some technical knowledge of video editing software.

Using Audacity for Recording Commentary

If you’re looking for a more straightforward approach, consider using Audacity for recording your commentary separately from the video footage. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open Audacity and set up your microphone input.
  2. Start recording your voice-over while watching the video footage simultaneously.
  3. Once you’ve finished recording, edit and enhance your voice-over using Audacity’s editing tools.
  4. Export the edited voice-over as an audio file.
  5. Import both the video footage and the audio file into your video editing software.
  6. Sync the audio file with the video footage and adjust any timing or volume issues.
  7. Preview the video to ensure that the commentary is properly aligned with the visuals.

Using Audacity for recording commentary offers flexibility and ease of use. You can record your voice-over separately, allowing you to focus on delivering your thoughts without distractions.

VLC Video Player Method

Another method for adding commentary to a video is by using the VLC media player in combination with Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open OBS and configure it to capture both your screen and audio.
  2. Open VLC media player and play the video you want to add commentary to.
  3. Start recording in OBS while watching the video in VLC.
  4. Provide live commentary while OBS captures both the video and your voice-over simultaneously.
  5. Once you’ve finished recording, save the file in OBS.

The VLC Video Player Method allows for real-time commentary while capturing both the video footage and voice-over in one go. It’s a convenient option if you prefer providing spontaneous commentary as you watch a video.

Additional Tips and Warnings

  • Invest in a quality microphone: To ensure clear and professional-sounding commentary, consider investing in a good microphone that suits your needs.
  • Practice your delivery: Before starting to record, spend some time practicing your delivery and finding your unique style of presenting information or expressing opinions.
  • Edit out mistakes: Don’t worry about making mistakes during recording; they can be easily edited out later during post-production.
  • Consider using scripts or outlines: If you struggle with improvisation or staying on track, writing a script or creating an outline can help guide your commentary and keep it focused.
  • Be aware of copyright issues: If you’re planning to add commentary to videos created by others, make sure you have permission to use the original content or that your usage falls within fair use guidelines.

With these methods and tips in mind, you can now confidently add commentary to your videos. Experiment with different techniques, find what works best for you, and enjoy the process of enhancing your videos with your unique insights and perspectives.


Adding commentary to a video is an excellent way to engage viewers and provide them with valuable insights or entertainment. In this article, we explored different methods for adding commentary, including using Adobe Premiere, recording with Audacity, and utilizing the VLC Video Player Method.

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