How to Fire Off Firework Flare Gun Fortnite to Unlock Rewards

firework flare gun fortnite
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Firework Flare Gun Fortnite is one of the newest items you can find in this game. It’s basically redesigned version of the original Flare Gun that was launched in Chapter 2 Season 3. This weapon is quite useful to bring damage to enemies or to reveal them.

Additionally, this weapon has released on June 21st, along with the Fortnite Summer challenges. The Fortnite Summer event offers many rewards for those who succeed to complete the challenges.

Speaking of challenges, you’ll need this Firework Flare Gun to complete one of the easiest challenges on the list. However, you might have not known yet what kind of challenge and what you should do with the gun, have you? Do not worry, because we’re going to guide you with some tips below. Let’s check this out.

Where Is Firework Flare Gun Fortnite Location?

Firework Flare Gun Fortnite
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Before we go on how you can use this weapon properly, you need to find it first. You can find the Firework Flare Gun in chests or Supply Drops.

One exact place you’ll see this weapon is in Coney Crossroads, staying between two gas pumps. Once you’ve got the gun in your hands, now you can use it to complete one of the challenges and earn the rewards.

Where to Fire Off Flare Gun Fortnite?

firework flare gun Fortnite damage
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Now that you have got the gun, you have to head over to Mighty Monument or Tilted Towers then. But some of you might haven’t known yet where the Mighty Monument is located. Do not worry about that. The monument is actually the ruined statue of the Foundation. You can find it on the east of The Sanctuary.

Been there yet? Then, it’s time to fire off the gun. Use the gun at either of the two locations. It’s worth noting that the Firework Flare Gun has only six charges. So, you need to be careful not to waste them before arriving at the Mighty Monument or Tilted Towers.

Furthermore, if there are many other players in the same location, you need to be careful since they can knock you down anytime. Therefore, it would be better to join Team Rumble to complete the challenges without much effort. In case you die, your team will take the chance to continue completing the challenges.

However, if you choose to play solo, these steps are going to help you out:

  • Drive away from the enemies by sticking to vehicles
  • Head straight to the quest location once you’ve got the Firework Flare Gun
  • Pick other weapons near the Firework Flare Gun for defence yourself. So, you don’t need to waste the charge of the Flare Gun.


There you have it. Firing off the Firework Flare Gun Fortnite at a specific place is quite challenging, yet it’s still possible to do in a short time. After completing this quest, you can continue to finish other No Sweat Summer challenges. Get ready to earn more rewards!

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