Fortnite Crew August 2022: The Rewards and How to Get It

Another month has come, and let’s welcome Fortnite Crew August 2022! If you play Fortnite regularly, you must’ve known that Fortnite has a monthly Crew Membership with exclusive rewards for subscribers.

There will be more V-Bucks, Battle Pass, and new cosmetic items there. And guess what? A Marvel-themed skin is going to steal the spotlight! Are curious about that? Well, let’s get to know more about the Fortnite Crew Pack details.

Fortnite Crew August 2022 Release Date

The Fornite Crew for August 2022 was released on July 31, 2022, at 8 PM PST. Fortnite usually releases its monthly Crew Pack on either the first or the last day of each month. So, that’s no different with this month’s Crew Pack.

Now that it has been opened, you are able to take a look at the pack’s content and decide whether you’re going to subscribe for the next month or not.

What’s in Fortnite Crew Pack for August 2022?

Fortnite Crew August 2022
Source: Epic Games

As above mentioned, in this Fortnite crew pack you’re going to earn 1,000 V-Bucks and access to this season’s Battle Pass as the basic reward. Other than that, you’ll also get a Fortnite Wolverine Zero skin as the exclusive skin reward. There will be Logan with an eye patch, a muscle tank, and equipped katana.

Wolverine is indeed an X-men character, but he has become one of the characters in Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War comics. This is why Fortnite decided to create this intriguing skin. Alongside Wolverine Zero skin, there will be also Muramasa Blade Back Bling, Equivalent Axe, a custom loading screen titled “The Best Fight You’ve Ever Had”, and even the Cuddle Cerise Style for the Ice-Blasted Snow Crunchem Back Bling.

Additionally, Fortnite allows you to use the V-Bucks bonuses to purchase additional cosmetic items, such as Emotes, Outfits, Pickaxes, Gliders, and Wraps. Above all, you are also able to opt for the latest John Cena Emote in Fortnite.

How to Get Fortnite Crew Pack for August 2022

 Fortnite crew skins for August 2022
Source: Reddit

Are you interested in Wolverine Zero skin and want to get your hands? No worries, you can subscribe to the Fortnite Crew Pack scheme for the month. It will cost you $9.99 per month. This is actually worth buying since you’re gonna get all the items listed above.

To do so, head over to the Item Shop, and then scroll down until you find the Crew Pack section. You can spend your cash here for a subscription. One thing to take note, make sure that you subscribe the right month to get the item you wanted. Otherwise, you’ll end up getting the previous month’s crew pack rewards.

Once you’ve subscribed to the Crew Pack, then you need to log into the game during the Sweat Summer Event to unlock the exclusive Back Bling and cosmetic items in Fortnite.

Anyway, if you’re not going to continue to subscribe for the next month’s Crew Pack, you can just cancel the Crew Pack. You’ll get the previous rewards, but it won’t automatically renew your subscription for the next month.


So, that’s all about the Fortnite Crew August 2022 and the detailed items they’re offering to you. Are you going to subscribe to the Crew Pack to earn the exclusive Wolverine Zero skin? Decide now and don’t miss it!

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