Fortnite tips and tricks: How to Win in Every Match

As the most popular Battle Royale game, Fortnite has become everyone’s favourite game. It basically offers exciting gameplay yet is so tricky to play. Thus, you might need Fortnite tips and tricks to chase the Victory Royale in every match.

Creating great strategies is important if you want to remain at the top. However, some players, especially beginners, might be missed out on this part. Everything you have prepared, from the most necessary to the small things can give you the greatest chance of staying in there.

Furthermore, this article will guide you to prepare several things before you dip your toe into the battle arena. Well, just see how to get good at Fortnite 2022.

Fortnite Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Each player might have a different strategy to win the matches. But basically, each strategy has the same points. Here are some actions you are required to do in Fortnite.

Pick The Best Gear

Fortnite Tips and Tricks 2022
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The first thing you have got your hands on while starting your battle mode is the weapons. To increase your chance to win, it would be better to carry both short- and long-range weapons. Sometimes a Sniper Rifle will be very useful to defeat enemies that are far from your position without risking yourself.

However, you will also need the short-range weapon to get rid of enemies that suddenly sneak up behind you. Thankfully, Fortnite provides its users with a quite expansive armoury. You can choose Sniper Rifle and a Burst Rifle if you prefer quiet and precise shots.

Otherwise, if you move into an explosive approach, a Rocket Launcher or a Shotgun will be a perfect combo for you. Whichever weapons you want to pick, just be sure that they can give great damage to your foes. 

Additionally, you can identify each weapon’s rarity through their colour codes. The rarer your weapon is, the greater damage it will produce

Here’s the list of the rarity.

  • Common – Grey
  • Uncommon – Green
  • Rare – Blue
  • Epic – Purple
  • Legendary – Orange
  • Mythic – Gold [only occasional items]

Complete Your Weapons with Support Items

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In addition to the weapons, you will need any support items as well to help you survive in the battle arena. One of the most necessary items you should take along with you is the Shield Potions. This item is helpful to give you a longer health bar, so you will not get killed in a short time. Other than that, this item is also easy to be replenished.

Another item that will help you a lot in combat is Grenades or Junk Rifts. Both are capable enough to wrench your enemy’s plans with great explosions. Just throw them down and boom!

Think of escaping from a hairy situation quickly? Use something like Rift-to-go and it enables you to teleport instantly to anywhere. Outside of that, packing a Crash Pad might be beneficial to save your life in case you fall from heights. This item allows you to reach heights quickly.

Fortnite Advanced Tips and Tricks: Always Ready to Build

Fortnite Advanced Tips and Tricks
Source: ftw usa today

After preparing the weapons and the supporting items to defend yourself, it’s advisable to tighten your protection as well. Thankfully, you can take advantage of the building around or anything that could protect you from any attack.

A building can make vantage points, such as giving a chance to flee and thinking of other plans, blocking fatal shots, or taking down the line of sight. 

Control Your Shots

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Understandably, you can be in a rush condition while getting into a fight. As a result, you might panic and start spam-firing at the enemies in the hopes they die. However, this is just a bad idea and you should avoid doing that.

It would be better to fire in controlled bursts and readjust your aim every few seconds if you use a rapid-fire weapon. Meanwhile, if you prefer using a Shotgun, wait until you’ve got a chance to fire. Never waste shots or you have to spend time reloading and your foes will take you down first before you finish doing that.

Use Visual Sound Effect to Your Advantage

To be able to attack and escape from enemies, you should track them down accurately. How can you track down the enemies then? It’s easy. Use in-game visual sound effects to hear any gunshots, vehicles, or even footsteps to detect nearby foes.

Don’t forget to use your best headphone to make the sound clearer. The more you can hear any voices, the more you can react and anticipate where the next threat is.

To enable the visual sound effects, go into Settings and hit the Audio Settings. Then, you’ll see an option for visual sound effects. Turning this on and you can be more aware by now.

A Must Do Fortnite Tips and Tricks: Avoid Picking Up in Random Fights

Source: Polygon

Aside from choosing the best weapon and preparing any protection, you should bear in mind that your main purpose in this game is to survive. So, it’s advisable to avoid being engaged in combat with your enemies. It will be too risky as you can get killed or simply they will know your position if you alert them with a long-range attack.

In case you have involved in a fight, you should end it as soon as possible. This is important due to your limited resources. Engaging in combat will waste resources. Furthermore, you will give a higher chance to third-party players as well. You don’t want it to happen, do you?


You might find that there are still many Fortnite tips and tricks to be the winner in this game. But these are basically the main things you really have to keep in mind. Hopefully, this Fortnite tip is quite useful to eliminate other players.

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