Fortnite Week 9 Quests and Tips to Complete Them

fortnite week 9 quests
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Attention to all Fortnite players! The Fortnite week 9 quests are now up for grabs. As usual, the weekly quests are essential to collect rewards and more XP, even level up your battle pass. 

Additionally, there will be seven quests in Fortnite week 9. No worries, we have compiled a list of the new challenges here. And if you are ready to face them, we got you covered with some guides. Let’s take a look at them.

Fortnite Week 9 Quests Guide

Here are the Fortnite weekly challenges in Chapter 3, along with some tips on how to get them done. Basically, the difficulty level of each quest varies. Some just won’t take so much time to complete, while others may need more effort to beat. Every quest will be worth 15,000 XP.

1. Collect seeds from Reality Seed Pods before they stop bouncing

Fortnite Week 9 Quests Guide
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The first Fortnite quest to accomplish is collecting the seeds from Reality Seed Pods. To be able to obtain the seeds, you need to go to the Reality Falls or to the east of Rave Cave to find the Reality Seed Pods. After that, destroy the Pod. The seeds will fly up into the air right after you’ve broken the Pod.

Certainly, the seeds are going to bounce a few times after they touched the ground. You need to collect those three seeds before they stop bouncing. It may sound easy to do, but it actually takes a few tries to collect them though.

2. Gain shields while emoting

Fortnite week 9 quests
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This quest may be the simplest one to kick off this week. You’ll only need to find a Shield Keg, and then place it on the ground. Once you’ve managed it, just start dancing while you increase your defence. After finishing this challenge, you deserve 15,000XP.

3. Bounce on three separate Crash Pads without landing

Fortnite weekly challenges Chapter 3 guide
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To be able to complete this quest, you’re required to collect as many Crash Pads as you can and put them near each other. However, be sure that you don’t lay them too close to each other. Additionally, the Crash Pads can be found on chests or as floor loot.

Once you’ve got the pads, now bounce around them, and at the peak of your jump, adjust yourself then place other pads before you reach the ground. Do this three times to get rewards for accomplishing the challenge.

4. Plant or summon a reality sapling 30 or more meters away from yourself

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Remember the seeds you’ve got from the previous quest? Now you can use the seeds for earning another 15,000 XP. How could it be then?

This quest requires you to go to the top of a mountain or a building, as long as you’re at least 30 meters away. Once you’ve reached the top, throw the seeds and wait for them to land and plant themselves into the ground. If you manage it, you’ll deserve the credit.

5. Hold a Charge SMG at Max Charge For 3 Seconds, Then Damage An Opponent

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To get another 15,000 XP from this quest, find The Charge SMG, a new Fortnite weapon from the floor loot or in chests. After you get the weapon, be on the lookout for the enemies. The first step is to hold down the Shoot button and wait until it’s fully charged. Then, just shoot away the enemy.

Now that you need to lure the enemies while waiting for your weapon to be fully charged, it would be better to co-op with other players to help you out.

6. Open chests at Tilted Towers in a single match

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This one is probably the most challenging Fortnite quest in week 9. Just like the old classic “open chests at X location”, this challenge requires you to explore and open three chests in Tilted Towers. Of course, you will never get it easily.

If you play Fortnite regularly, you must know that Tilted Tower is one of the most popular locations on the Fortnite map. And due to its popularity, this area is often busy and requires a lot of early-game combat. So, make sure that you do your activities as quickly as possible.

7. Deal Damage to Opponents While Riding a Wolf or Boar

Fortnite chapter 3 guide season 3 week 9
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After collecting the seeds, planting them from the top of the high mountain, and jumping around using pads, now you are going to deal with the last quest, and probably the hardest challenge. Thankfully, the Fortnite chapter 3 guide season 3 is here to assist you.

In this quest, you will need to find either wolves or boars to ride. But since they are wild animals, you can’t ride them easily. To be able to get on the animal’s back, you need to get closer to them and press the Jump button.

Once you’ve managed it, ride it around until you find enemies. Other than finding the animal and getting on its back, you need to attack each enemy you’ve found. In this case, you can use a long-range automatic weapon to attack from afar.

Make sure you attack more than an enemy to rack up 500 damage in a single game.


So, that’s all about Fortnite week 9 quests and a guide to kick them off. The quests already started on August 4th, 2022. Additionally, you can still play the quests from previous weeks until the end of the season. Prepare yourself and gain more XP now!

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