New Minecraft Mobs The Wild Update 1.19

Minecraft Mobs Update

Players gear up for this amazing new Minecraft mobs update from Mojang! Owing to the success in 2021 with the release of Caves and Cliffs, Minecraft is all set to make waves in 2022 with the new Wild Update. 

Cave and Cliffs was the game’s biggest update yet, with the introduction to delightful Goats, Axolotls and Glow Squids in the new cave and mountain biomes. As for 2022, Mojang will be welcoming three new mobs to the game, which has created a rush of expectations and exhilaration amongst the fans.

What are Minecraft Mobs?

Minecraft is an exciting video game that offers a variety of gaming adventures through various series. If you have not played the game yet then let us tell you about Minecraft mobs aka a Mobile entity. Mobs are spawning entities in the game the players have to fight to gain rewards and in-game item drops. There are many kinds of mobs in the game and all of them are attackable.

Minecraft mobs

Minecraft mobs include passive mobs that are completely harmless but you can hurt them and kill them. These include all the animals, villagers, traders, snow golem and sea creatures. Neutral mobs are moody that means they are sometimes hostile and mostly harmless. You can provoke them to make them hostile but some can be naturally hostile. Other than these we have Boss mobs and Hostile mobs which you need to kill or they will kill you.

New Minecraft Mobs

These are the new Minecraft Mobs that will be available for the 1.19 update,

  • Warden
  • Frogs
  • Tadpoles
  • Fireflies
  • Allay

Let’s look at a brief explanation for each,


One of the most anticipated mobs entering the spectacular world of Minecraft is “The Warden”. This one of a kind boss-mob was supposed to land in the other half of Caves and Cliffs update, but got driven towards the next update, adding to the fans’ anticipation. Warden adds to the murk, sinister aura of the game, as it is the first blind mob in Minecraft living in the new Deep Dark biome with a whole ancient city structure to itself.

Minecraft mob Warden
Source: PCGamer

As intense as its name is, this mob is extremely treacherous with the ability to kill players in just a couple of blows as seen in the Minecraft 2021 live teaser. While some might mistake its blindness for its vulnerability, the warden relies on sound, smell and vibrations to hunt a player down. This combined with its ever so daunting size and a loud heartbeat makes Warden, the epitome of darkness and evil.


Next, as part of the revamped swaps, are the frogs. They are dopey-looking, passive mobs, entering the Minecraft 1.9 in three variants. According to their different locations, the mobs can be default, snowy or tropical, possessing different colors.

Minecraft frogs
Source: PCGamer

An interesting development is the frog-light, which is a colorful block dropped by the frogs which emits light. This will happen when the frogs eat their favorite meal, small magma cubes.  They breathe fresh air to the game, add color and will be fun to play with, especially because they jump really high, swim at high-speed, swell their throats, croak and prey on smaller mobs.


Also, welcomed in the family are the cutest baby versions of the frogs, spawned from their eggs; the tadpoles are now the second smallest mob in mine craft.

Tadpoles Minecraft Mob
Source: Beebom

They are amusing, as you can capture them in water buckets to move them but also delicate because they cannot survive outside water for long. Overall, they add to the adorability of the new update.

Most Adorable of Minecraft Mobs: Fireflies

Just when you thoughts things couldn’t get any better, to add light and aesthetics to the game, Fireflies are also being added to 1.19. They are undeniably the smallest mobs in the game, shimmering in the swamp biome and are a food to the frogs. This might be the most adorable and my favorite Minecraft mob.

(Please let us know if anyone knows the source)

Most anticipated of Minecraft Mobs: Allay

Another Minecraft mob high in demand and joining the Mine craft family is Allay, which  both submissive , friendly and winner of the Mob vote during Mine craft Live event in 2021. Unique in its own delightful way, the Allay helps players by picking items on the ground that they might have missed.

Source: Reddit

At most, it can carry a full stack of items which are usually 64 items and drops them only next to a note block due to its love for music. The fact that it isn’t allowed to steal from the players’ and the mystery behind its spawning leaves the players thrilled.

Whether it’s the dark, deadly Warden or the helpful little Allay, Minecraft 1.19 will have a lot to offer, and the players are hyped up to welcome this update.

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