How to Buy Hero on Thetan Arena

how to buy hero on thetan arena
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How to buy hero on Thetan Arena is not known by many people, especially for beginners who are just started playing this game. If you’re one of them, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place.

Thetan Arena is an NFT-based MOBA game that’s been going viral lately. This game has succeeded in attracting many people because it has an exciting gameplay and can provide players with crypto currency.

In this game, you can collect hero characters that are registered as NFT assets. You can find various heroes with varying prices on the official Thetan Arena marketplace.

Well, if you intend to buy a hero using gTHC tokens but still don’t know how, don’t worry! Jaka has prepared how to buy the gTHC Thetan Arena hero which you can see below!

About Thetan Arena

how to buy hero on thetan arena gthc
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Enjoy playing the best MOBA games like Mobile Legends but bored with the same gameplay? If so, you should try a blockchain-based MOBA game like Thetan Arena.

Thetan Arena is a non-fungible token (NFT) based MOBA game. This game is developed with blockchain technology and is on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network.

In this best NFT game, you have to fight against enemies to earn points. This battle requires a hero character that is registered as an NFT and can be collected or traded.

Cool, Thetan Arena can be obtained for free. The game also offers various opportunities to encourage player participation, from free skins, loot boxes, salable heroes, and so on.

Not only that, you also have to understand how to play correctly so that you can win every battle more easily.

Thetan Arena Hero Tier List 2022

One of the tricks to win the battle is to use the best heroes with the right synergy. Choosing the right combination of heroes, you can win the battle more easily.

The suitability of the hero is also an important factor that you must consider before deciding to buy it on the NFT marketplace . You also have to know the tier list and the heroes included in it.

If you intend to buy a gTHC hero at Thetan Arena, make sure you check the latest tier list of heroes first to find out the list of the best Thetan Arena heroes.

How to Buy Hero on Thetan Arena

Thetan Coin (gTHC) is the main currency in the game Thetan Arena which serves to buy NFT heroes. The heroes you buy with gTHC tokens can later be exchanged or traded in the marketplace.

Keep in mind, you need WBNB tokens to buy gTHC heroes in the marketplace. In addition, considering its nature as an NFT asset, you can’t just buy the gTHC Thetan Arena hero.

Then, how to buy a hero at Shop Thetan Arena? The way is quite young, really! You just need to set up a crypto wallet like MetaMask, then just follow the steps from Jaka below!

  1. Go to Thetan Arena website. Select the Marketplace menu .
  2. Select Connect Wallet and Login to MetaMask.
  3. Exchange BNB tokens (or other tokens) to WBNB by swapping tokens on Metamask .
  4. Click Review Swap and make sure all data is correct.
  5. Press the Swap button to complete the transaction.
  6. On the Thetan Arena site, click Marketplace and search for the hero you want to buy.
  7. You can find Epic Thetan Arena heroes or other types by setting search filters.
  8. If you have found the hero you want to buy, click Buy Now and select Check Out .
  9. On the MetaMask page, click Confirm to confirm the purchase.
  10. After that, a notification will appear if the hero has been successfully purchased.


So, that’s about how to buy hero on Thetan Arena. Pretty easy, right? By using the right heroes, you will able to secure victory easily. In addition, if you have played MOBA games before, then you will be familiar with this game. Hopefully this article helps you. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks regarding NFT games!

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