Best Video Game Streaming Platforms in 2022

Video game streaming platforms are becoming increasingly popular as they let gamers watch their favorite idols and learn more about how to win their favorite games.

Basically, gaming live streaming is an activity where someone broadcasts their game play live to an audience online. In order to stream their gaming sessions, streamers need to use a live streaming application or a live streaming platform that functions as a live broadcasting tool.

Through live stream applications, streamers can arrange and set their live stream in such a way so that their fans can enjoy watching it.

Nowadays, there are many well-known video game streaming platforms. If you are just learning about live streaming and are confused about choosing the right platform for you, try reading our review of the best live streaming platforms that are easiest to use and can generate huge income.

These platforms below have been proven to be able to make a lot of people famous and become a source of income. In addition, its complete features and convenient interface make viewers feel comfortable watching hours of streams and put streamers at ease.

1. Twitch, Most Popular Video Game Streaming Platform

best video game streaming platforms twitch
Source: Engadget

Twitch is one of the most popular PC video game streaming platforms that has been around since 2011, but started attracting a lot of enthusiasts in 2015.

There is a lot of content to be found on Twitch. Starting from gaming content such as walkthroughs and eSports competitions to creative content related to music, cooking, health, arts and other hobbies.

Twitch is loved for its simple appearance and complete customization. No wonder this platform can reach up to 100 million viewers per month.

One of the features that users like is a feature that allows viewers to send custom emojis in the chat column. In addition, streamers can customize their stream interface and profile according to their individual tastes and styles.

While viewers can enjoy streams and follow their idols for free, they need to pay for a subscription.

Twitch has many interesting advantages. You can learn about the strengths and weaknesses of this platform in the following explanation:


  • A large community, as well as a high number of viewers make this platform a favorite of many people
  • User friendly interface on PC and mobile
  • Various categories for gaming and non-gaming content


  • Strict moderation and rules
  • Must be a Twitch Partner (have at least 500 views per stream, must stream at least a week, content must not violate the DMCA)
  • Does not support streaming with video quality above 1080p and 60 fps

If you are interested in starting live streaming on Twitch, then you need to know the specifications needed.

Actually, having a low-end PC is fine, but here are the recommended specifications so that your stream can run smoothly without lagging.

Recommended specs to live stream on Twitch:

  • Intel Core i5-4670 processor
  • Minimum OS Windows 7
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Minimum DDR3 graphics card

2. Facebook / Facebook Gaming

best video game streaming platforms facebook gaming

Facebook Gaming is a video game streaming platform, similar to Twitch and YouTube Gaming, where streamers can share their live gameplay while interacting with viewers.

This platform made by Facebook is very easy to use and manage, making it suitable for various gaming streamers, especially beginners.

In addition, you can maximize audience reach through easier and more practical promotional strategies on Facebook.

For example, every time you start streaming, you can quickly upload your live streaming link to a specific timeline or group.

This way, people can immediately see your streaming content while browsing their homepage.

Facebook Gaming also gives free stars to the viewers that can be sent to their favorite streamer as a token of appreciation. It’s a pretty interesting feature, don’t you think?


  • Easy integration with various gaming groups allows you to get more audience
  • Can live stream via mobile and PC easily
  • Able to broadcast high quality videos at 60fps through the Facebook Level Up program


  • Lack of customization, no interactive emojis like on Twitch
  • Some people don’t like how the interface
  • Privacy concerns. Viewers’ real names can be seen by anyone

If you are interested in live streams via Facebook, then you need to pay attention to the following recommended specifications so that the stream can run smoothly.

Recommended specifications to live stream on Facebook:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 SP1, 8, 10, Server 2008 R2, Server 2012.
  • DirectX 11.
  • GPU: NVIDIA Quadro, Tesla, GRID or GeForce products with Kepler, Maxwell and Pascal GPU generations.
  • NVidia Windows display driver: 375.95 or newer.
  • SDK: nVidia Video Codec SDK 7.1.

3. YouTube Live

best video game streaming platforms youtube live
Source: YouTube

YouTube is known as one of the best video viewing platforms, but as time went by, they added a live broadcast feature.

Thanks to the popularity of YouTube, starting a stream on YouTube gives you a high search potential. So, the chances of your stream being watched by people are even greater.

In addition, viewers can still watch the live stream on your YouTube channel after the session is over.

So, fans of your channel don’t have to worry about missing the stream!


  • Little to no competition with other streamers
  • There are features that facilitate live streams such as broadcast delay, live chat, and automatic recording
  • Can adjust the display as you wish on mobile and PC


  • Must wait 24 hours before being approved to stream
  • Not as many active viewers as on Facebook or Twitch

Recommended specifications to live stream on YouTube:

  • Intel Core i5-4670 processor
  • Minimum OS Windows 7
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Minimum DDR3 graphics card

4. Nimo TV, One of the Most Popular Mobile Video Game Streaming Platforms

best video game streaming platforms nimo tv
Source: Google Play

Nimo TV is no stranger to those who are fans of contemporary Android games such as Mobile Legends and Free Fire.

You see, Nimo TV is often used by pro players to show their skills and talents in playing said games.

For example, EVOS Rekt, RRQ VYN, Donkey, Emperor, Oura, and many other professional players use this particular gaming live streaming application.


  • Simple interface and background color that is not too flashy
  • Complete game categories, starting from mobile to PC games
  • Viewers can keep up with the latest eSports tournaments


  • Viewers only have the option of watching 1080p streams. Therefore, those who have slow internet or want to save mobile data may not enjoy watching live streams on this application
  • Some users reported lots of bots, bugs, and streamers that were AFK
  • This application is prone to crashes

Recommended specifications to live stream on Nimo TV:

  • CPU: Intel I5
  • RAM: 8GB

5. Omlet Arcade

omlet arcade

Omlet Arcade is one of the most popular video game streaming platforms on mobile that has a high utility thanks to its new feature, Omlet Connect. This feature allows streamers to integrate their Android stream to PC.

This app also comes with an interesting feature in which users can select stream templates for free. So, streamers don’t have to bother having to set up their streaming interface or commission someone to create a custom streaming interface.

Apart from being practical, this application has a simple and easy to use interface. Users can immediately choose which games they want to watch on the first page, filter unwanted games, and much more through Omlet Arcade on mobile and PC.


  • Fast and convenient mobile and PC streaming integration
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Many events with prizes from Omlet


  • Many users have reported that their Omlet Arcade app crashes frequently
  • Cannot upload video to profile if the video is under 6 minutes
  • Lack of moderation, many underage streamers use this application

Recommended specifications to live stream on Omlet Arcade:

  • Intel Core i5-4670 processor
  • Minimum OS Windows 7
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Minimum DDR3 graphics card


So, that’s about the video game streaming platforms that can make money. For those of you who are just starting out a career as a streamer, no need to hesitate to use the applications above as they are already used by many people.

Starting from Twitch which has a wide community, Facebook Gaming which makes it easy for you to reach a high number of viewers, Omlet Arcade which has advanced integration features, YouTube Live which has minimal competition, to Nimo TV which is often enlivened by professional players, you are free to choose which platform the one that suits you the most.

Of course, all those video game streaming platforms have their own features, advantages, and disadvantages that you can consider.

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