Top 6 Clipchamp Alternatives To Try

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Those who regularly do video editing should’ve been familiar with Clipchamp, right? Clipchamp is one of the best online tools that will help you edit your video. Additionally, you can find other Clipchamp alternatives on the internet if you need more features which you can’t find in Clipchamp.

Online video editor is growing rapidly these days with the advance in technology. Therefore, you can find a lot of similar tools which offer you various features to support your video editing process. So, without any further ado, we’ll give you some recommendations about Clipchamp alternatives free you can try. Let’s dive right in.


Clipchamp Alternatives
Source: VLC Media Player

VideoLAN is a perfect option if you are looking for a complete and easy tool to edit your video. You might recognize this tool as the VLC Media player on your device. But turns out, it not only offers you a video player but a video editor as well.

With VideoLAN, you can do a simple editing process to your video such as trimming, cutting, or even compressing the video. However, this tool uses more GPU memory to play video than other players. But still, VideoLAN is worth trying if you wish to make some simple changes to your video.

On top of that, though it only has basic features of editing, VideoLAN is completely free to use. You don’t need to worry about the price of subscriptions or anything related.

Biteable: A Must-Try Tool Of Clipchamp Alternatives

Clipchamp Alternatives Free
Source: Biteable

Need a perfect tool for making an animated video? Biteable is a website you’ll want to check. This tool allows you to customize the fonts and colours, even adding new scenes and text to your video. Though it’s perfect for animated content but doesn’t mean it’s difficult to use. Every beginner will be in love with its features.

Aside from that, Biteable has provided you with various pricing options. If you don’t mind a little watermark on your video, you can try the free one. Otherwise, if you wish to get rid of the watermark, you can try the Plus plan for $19 per month. You can also create high-quality videos using this plan.

Craving for more premium features? The Ultimate plan will definitely suit you with the opportunity to pair up with 10 team members to edit the video. On top of that, you can easily download it to save the video once you’ve done editing. Moreover, you can also share it on social media instantly.


Download RenderForest - Logitheque English
Source: Logitheque

Another option for Clipchamps alternatives is Renderforest. Renderforest comes with the most complete features compared to the previous ones. Not stopping there, it also provides you with a robust and friendly interface.

If you are going to increase the growth of marketing and branding of your companies, you can use every perfect feature within Renderforest. This tool allows you to create a professional video to support your website. In addition to making great videos, you are also able to make a logo here.

Only need to do a drag-and-drop method, and then you can start making great videos using the existing templates on it. No need to download and launch to your device like some other tools. Additionally, Renderforest also offers you five options of pricing plans. You can choose whichever suits your need.

Eklipse: The Best Tool of Clipchamp Alternatives

Eklipse: the best Clipchamp Alternatives
Source: Eklipse

Don’t have much time to edit your video? No worries, because Eklipse can give you a hand to create cool videos in only several minutes! The AI systems will help you a lot to highlight your perfect moment on a streaming video.

In addition to clipping the best part of the video, you can also add some edits to it such as cropping, trimming, adding background music, effects, or many more. You can use the premium version to let the Eklipse AI do automatic editing to your video. It only requires a few clicks, and there you go.

No worries about the payment, because this tool is totally free to use. You can get everything you need here. A no-install tool, super easy and free to use, and able to give you excellent outputs, what else do you need from this video editor?


Webcam Recorder – Record & Edit in One Place – VEED
Source: Heroku

Another online tool that offers you a complete package with no rush is VEED. Again, this is a tool which you don’t need to download and install on your device. All you need to do is go to the official website, then drag and drop the video you desire to edit.

The special thing about this tool is you do not need to register an account as you would with other platforms. Besides the easiness, VEED is also complete with almost everything you need in terms of the video editing process. You can add or make GIFs, add some cool effects, or anything!

Additionally, you can save your edited video freely. However, there’ll be a watermark in your video. But if you want a free-watermark video, you can try several plans offered here. There is a Basic package that required $12, or a Pro package with $24 that will let you create a more than an hour video.

Vimeo: Another Best Clipchamp Alternatives

Effortlessly organize your videos with Vimeo's video library solution |  Vimeo
Source: Vimeo

Vimeo can be one of the Clipchamp alternatives that match with professionals. Vimeo can give you more than a video maker or editor. Additionally, you can also record your screen, do a broadcast live, host virtual events, or even monetize your videos.

You can produce high-quality videos using the existing templates or by uploading raw footage from your device. Turn your video to be a great show with a seamless transition.

Comes with several options of the plan, Vimeo lets you pick any package you think will suit your needs in terms of editing video. However, if you don’t want to subscribe, you can use its 30-days free trial.


So here is the list of Clipchamp alternatives you can try in 2022. Every tool has its own advantages. You can choose the best one to create fantastic videos. Which one do you think is the best tool of all? Comment down below.

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