Secrets of Fortnite XP Glitch 2023 Explained

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Did you know that there’s a Fortnite XP glitch that lets you gain lots of XP easily? We’ll cover everything you need to know about it in this article.

The unfortunate thing about playing games like Fortnite is that you can’t always avoid the grind, even if you’re willing to pay for it on occasion. After all, if you could reach your highest level in an afternoon, there would be no reason to continue playing.

Of course, not everyone has the time to grind for levels or Battle Pass for weeks on end, so if you’re desperate for XP, there’s a little trick you can use. Here’s how to take advantage of the Fortnite XP glitch.

How to Activate the Fortnite XP Glitch

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This method makes use of specially-designed Islands that, with a little tinkering, will allow you to earn XP passively, allowing you to go AFK and do something else with your day. While you won’t get a lot of XP right away, these AFK amounts can add up over time, and it’s nice to not have to put in much actual effort to get it, especially when you only have so much time to complete a Battle Pass.

Using the AFK Map

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To start off, you will need to enter a special map in Fortnite to be able to take advantage of the XP glitch. Here are the steps to do it.

  1. Enter the following Island Code into the prompt in your game browser: 1579-8403-8214
  2. Load into the Island and wait for a moment before being dropped at the starting point.
  3. On the far side of the room you load into, there should be a Change Your Skin booth. Step inside the booth.
  4. You’ll be warped to a staircase, which you must climb to reach the top.
  5. A door at the top leads to an outdoor balcony surrounded by a short fence topped with small lightbulbs. Interact with the third bulb on your right to receive the prompt “Earn XP.”
  6. When you interact with that bulb, you’ll be returned to the starting room, where you’ll begin slowly gaining XP. You can now take a break from the game while the XP rolls in.

Finally, make sure to return to the game on a regular basis to ensure that the XP is still coming in, as it will stop after a while. If the XP does stop, simply exit the map, reload it, and repeat the directions to restart the XP flow.


So, that’s how to use the Fortnite XP glitch. By activating it, you no longer have to grind long hours to get XP. We hope that this guide is useful for you. Stay tuned to Eklipse for more tips and tricks regarding gaming and streaming!

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