Kick Still Interested in Signing Pokimane Despite Recent Criticism

Kick, the rising streaming platform, continues to express its unwavering interest in signing Pokimane, despite recent criticism aimed at the platform. Ed Craven, the CEO of Kick, revealed that they “really wanted” to collaborate with Pokimane and are determined to secure her as a partner.

Kick’s Rapid Rise and Pokimane’s Stance

In the competitive world of streaming, Kick has been making waves by attracting some of the industry’s biggest names in a remarkably short span of time.

Notably, Kick has already successfully signed mega stars xQc and Amouranth to lucrative deals, and they show no signs of slowing down in their quest to surpass Twitch’s dominance.

However, Pokimane, a notable streamer, has made it clear that she has no interest in joining Kick.

The Moroccan-Canadian content creator has consistently voiced her stance, emphasizing that she will not compromise her morals and ethics, even for a staggering $100 million offer. Despite this, Kick remains hopeful that they can sway her decision and convince her to join their ranks.

Kick’s Desire to Collaborate with Pokimane

During an interview with Jake Lucky, the CEO of Kick shed light on the platform’s intentions and their pursuit of notable personalities who turned down their offers. Craven specifically mentioned Pokimane as a top choice, highlighting that Kick is genuinely supportive of her content.

“To be honest, we had a real desire to collaborate with Pokimane. We discussed her as a potential partner early on. However, it seems like she’s not interested in working with us at the moment. We’ll see,” revealed the CEO of Kick.

Pokimane’s Criticism and Kick’s Openness

While it remains uncertain whether Kick has extended a formal contract offer to Pokimane, her criticism of the platform has been escalating. This criticism even sparked a debated exchange between Pokimane and xQc, focusing on her perceived “morals.”

Despite the flack, Craven remains open to the possibility of signing Pokimane. He commented that Kick will continue to observe any changes and expressed the team’s strong support for Pokimane.

Potential Developments on Kick

Although the chances of Pokimane joining Kick seem unlikely at present, another prominent name might soon make an appearance on the platform. Reports suggest that banned Twitch star Dr Disrespect is currently in talks with Kick, seeking a deal worth half of xQc’s contract and an impressive $50 million. This potential signing has the potential to create significant buzz within the online community.


Kick’s persistent interest in signing Pokimane despite recent criticism highlights their determination to expand their roster of renowned streamers. While Pokimane’s decision not to join Kick may be firm for now, the streaming platform remains open to the possibility of future collaborations. Additionally, the potential addition of Dr Disrespect to Kick’s lineup adds to the anticipation and excitement surrounding the platform’s future endeavors.

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