Kick CEO Reveals Talks with Dr Disrespect for Potential Move

Kick’s CEO, Ed Craven, recently unveiled that the platform has engaged in discussions with Dr Disrespect regarding a potential move. This revelation comes shortly after the renowned streamer laid out his contract demands.

The Buzz Around Dr Disrespect and New Streaming Platforms

With the emergence of new streaming platforms and their signings of popular streamers, fans are eagerly speculating whether Dr Disrespect will join the fray. Despite facing a mysterious Twitch ban, the Two-Time champion has achieved considerable success on YouTube. However, unlike Valkyrae or Ludwig, he has yet to secure an exclusive deal.

Hence, Kick’s entry into the streaming market and its offer of contracts to streamers has reignited the speculation surrounding Dr Disrespect. The Two-Time himself has actively contributed to the rumors, dropping hints about a significant and expensive renovation for his “arena.”

Dr Disrespect’s Contract Demands and Kick’s Genuine Interest

Furthermore, in light of xQc’s reported groundbreaking $100 million deal with a Stake-backed platform, Dr Disrespect has expressed his desire for half of that amount to make the move. Unsurprisingly, Kick has shown genuine interest in acquiring the services of the esteemed streamer.

Kick CEO Addresses Dr Disrespect’s Contract Demands

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During an interview conducted by Jake Lucky, Kick CEO Ed Craven openly addressed the topic of bringing Dr Disrespect to the platform. Craven shared his long-standing admiration for Dr Disrespect, emphasizing his appreciation for numerous other talented streamers. He expressed his enthusiasm for collaborating with exceptional individuals, including Dr Disrespect.

Craven revealed, “Dr Disrespect is someone we would love to collaborate with. We are currently in discussions with his team, as we strive to maintain open lines of communication with most individuals. Our goal is to collaborate with as many talented streamers as possible, making extraordinary things happen.”

Kick’s Commitment: Recognizing Streamers’ Worth

Additionally, Craven underscored Kick’s commitment to providing streamers with the recognition and compensation they deserve. However, he refrained from directly addressing Dr Disrespect’s staggering demand of $50 million.


With all the ongoing discussions and interests at play, it wouldn’t be surprising if we witness the Two-Time champion donning the green and black of Kick in the near future. Keep an eye out for further updates on this potential move.

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