How to Download and Install Minecraft Forge Mods


Minecraft Forge mods are a great way to diversify your experience. There is no shortage of variety in this game, and there’s always something new just waiting for discovery!

Minecraft has a lot of creative features that let players do almost anything. Unfortunately, Bedrock players won’t be able to use this nifty mod for mobs and it upsets me because who doesn’t love playing as an adorable Enderman or Slime? Mobs are great!

Mods are available across the internet, but CurseForge has been one of my top sources to download them recently when I’m looking for some new mods that will keep me entertained with their interesting content!

If you’re interested in making fun changes to your gameplay, follow this tutorial below to download and install mods from CurseForge!

How to Download Minecraft Forge Mods

minecraft forge mods
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CurseForge is the best place to find mods for Minecraft. The site has over 84000 different creations, all with descriptions and easy access in one spot! Whether you’re looking for something like zombies or MineShafts- there’s bound to be an option available here at CurseForge.

In order to install these mods, players will need a few steps. They can start with installing the Forge installer found here and then follow up by acquiring and implementing any CurseForge Mods from their site onto your Minecraft client!

Once you’re done, simply follow these steps.

  1. Download/save Minecraft Forge, linked above.
  2. Run the java file and install it locally, not through the Cloud or any other source.
  3. Run Minecraft launcher.
  4. Select Installations.
  5. Hover over Forge and click the three dots, and go to Edit.
  6. Select More Options.
  7. Look for “-Xmx2G -XX….” under JVM Arguments.
  8. Modify “2G” to half of the computer’s memory.
  9. Select Save.
  10. Hover over Forge and select Play.
  11. Start up a single player game, load into the game, then quit it.
  12. Close Minecraft.

How to Install Minecraft Forge Mods

Once the latest update is applied, Minecraft mods from CurseForge will be available for download. Once installed and loaded into your game they can be played!

  1. Download minecraft mods from the CurseForge website, which is linked above. Files should be saved to a known and easy to access location.
  2. Open the File Explorer.
  3. Navigate to: %appdata%\.minecraft\mods\mods. This should be the usual mod folder.
  4. Copy/Paste or drag the downloaded minecraft mod from the original location to this folder.
  5. Open Minecraft Launcher.
  6. Select Installations.
  7. Hover over Forge and select Play.

So, that’s about how to download and install Minecraft forge mods. Now you can finally enjoy tons of new gameplay that will make your experience more exciting! Hope this tutorial is useful and have fun!


1. Is Minecraft forge mods safe?

Yes, they are safe, as long as you download them straight from the Forge website.

2. Is Minecraft forge free?

Minecraft forge is free to download. You can install it easily as these are mods for Minecraft Forge.


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