How To Get Among Us Fortnite Back Bling And Emote

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Since Fortnite has its first crossover with Among Us, you must know how to get Among Us Fortnite back bling. If you want to make your characters look good using the crewmates back blings, you’d better be ready for the guide.

Other than Among Us cool items, you can also get Henry Stickman emote in this game. Therefore, if you wonder how to get Among Us backbling in Fortnite PS4, we got you covered with our guide here. Let’s just begin.

How To Get Among Us Fortnite Easily

How To Get Among Us Fortnite
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It’s extremely easy to get Among Us backblings on this game. Additionally, the Crewmates back bling and the Distraction Dance emote of Henry Stickman will be available until June 9, 2023, at 11 a.m EDT. So, go pack your bag now and start to own it before you missed it.

For you who want to get those items, you can get them instantly by following these steps. Here you go.

  • First, you need to buy Among Us on Epic Games Store for $4.99.
  • Once you owned the game, you can purchase more packs of stars to get cosmetics. The thing that is worth noting, you’ll be spending $1.99 for 20 stars. This is the cheapest star you can obtain.
  • After that, the cosmetics you purchased will be added to your account immediately.
  • Then, go into Fortnite, and you’ll find an in-game pop-up note regarding the unlocked items.
  • Finally, you have now owned the Crewmate back bling and the Dance emote. Congratulations!

How To Get Among Us Fortnite PS4, Xbox, and Other Consoles

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Getting the Among Us game from Epic Games Store is quite different from owning it on Steam or mobile devices. If you wish to get the bundle, you have to buy it on the Epic Games Store as we mentioned above.

Other than that, many of you are indeed still wondering how to get Among Us Fortnite Xbox or on other consoles, right? No worries, as long as you have linked your account to the other platform you made the Among Us purchase with, you’ll be able to unlock the bundle.

Just in case you miss out on the offer, you still can have it from Fortnite in-game shop at a much later date. The Epic Games Store confirmed this. So, no more thing can stop you from having the Among Us bundle on Fortnite. Get yours!


So, that’s all about how to get Among Us Fortnite back blings. You still have more than a year to decide and purchase the bundle immediately. What are you waiting for? This bundle is really worth buying if you are a fan of both Among Us and Fortnite.

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