How to Play Fortnite GeoGuessr: Tips and Tricks

Wondering how to play Fortnite GeoGuessr? No worries, we got you covered with our tips and tricks to play this game through this article. Basically, Fortnite GeoGuessr is quite tricky to play. This game is going to test how good your knowledge is of the Fortnite landscape. 

So, if you are ready to learn about Fortnite GeoGuessr 2022 and how to play it, let’s jump right into the main discussion below.

What Is Actually Fortnite GeoGuessr?

How to Play Fortnite GeoGuessr
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Before we go to the tips and tricks, it would be better for you to know better about Fortnite GeoGuessr. Basically, the GeoGuessr is a geography game where you get placed at a random location on earth. Your job here is to determine and guess where exactly you are on the globe based on visual clues around you. 

When it comes to Fortnite GeoGuessr, it actually works just the same, but using Fortnite’s map as the setting. You’ll just need to guess the location of where you are without being afraid to be eliminated as in the original Fortnite gameplay. Doesn’t it sound exciting?

How To Play Fortnite GeoGuessr: A Guide

Now it’s time to learn how to play this addicting game. But before you start playing the game, you need to head over to Where Fortnite’s website. Additionally, the game is free to play and you don’t necessarily make any account to play. 

Then, you can choose the time in Fortnite history. There will be two options, whether you’re going to play with locations from any Chapter or Season, or limit your guessing to select Chapters and Seasons. 

where in Fortnite location geoguessr

After choosing the time, you’ll also face the other options to fine-tune the Fortnite GeoGuessr. One thing to take note, you can also invite your friends to join multiplayer mode that allows you to compete with up to 2,000 players or play it solo. 

Once you set up the game, now you’ll need to select the game mode. They are a standard version that includes maps from every Chapter and Season or individual chapter. Then, press “Play!” and the Battle Buss will put you in a certain spot and rotate the camera 360 degrees.

To be able to guess the place where you are dropped in, you can move the camera around, zoom in and zoom out to get some clues about the place. There will be a mini-map in the bottom right corner of the screen. Whenever you’re sure to make a guess, select a spot on the mini-map and press the “make a guess” button.

Tips and Tricks to Play Fortnite GeoGuessr
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The reward when you succeed to guess the right spot is between 0 and 500 points. The closer you get to the actual place on the map, the higher the score. Otherwise, if your guess is too far from the map, you’ll get 0 points.

In addition to that, each round will give players the option of how many rounds they would like to play and how difficult it will be. If you have finished all the rounds, you will receive a total of your points. And, there you have it. Isn’t it going to be fun?

Tips and Tricks to Play Fortnite GeoGuessr

Are you obsessed to get the maximum score in Fortnite GeoGuessr? That’s easy. We have some tips and tricks to more accurately guess the place. Check the tips below.

  • Tips 1: Always try to figure out what Biome you are in. If there are rocks and grass as far as your eyes can see, it means you’re not in the Mountains or Deserts’s location. This trick will help you to get closer to your guessing options.
  • Tips 2: Pay attention to the Chapter and Season information to help you get more clues to find out where you are.
  • Tips 3: Look for the iconic Fortnite POIs and Landmarks. You can do it by panning and zooming to find clues to identify the Landmark.


Now you have known how to play Fortnite GeoGuessr from the tips and tricks we gave you. Hopefully, it can really help you to maximize your score and be the Fortnite-smartest among all players. Dare to try it?

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