how to post fortnite clips on instagram
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How to Post Fortnite Clips on Instagram

Instagram is one of the best platforms to share your moments, including gameplay clips. No wonder many of you are trying to discover how to post Fortnite clips on Instagram, even other game highlights.

Posting something on Instagram is quite easy to do. If you meet its requirements, such as file size, length, and content, you will be fine. Additionally, making and publishing highlight clips on social media has become a common thing to do nowadays. It’s either for entertaining or even for self-branding.

If you are one of the gamers who want to post some incredible clips to Instagram, we got you covered with our guide below. Let’s get started on it.

How To Post Fortnite Clips On Instagram

There are some steps to do if you are going to post a clip on Instagram. Without further ado, these are the first steps on how to post gameplay on Instagram.

Step 1. Record your gameplay

Before you start posting your Fortnite or other gaming gameplay clips on Instagram, make sure you have recorded your gameplay first and stream it to your Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch. You can learn how to record gameplay through our previous article.

In addition to recording the gameplay, you might need the best streaming software and streaming tools to support your streaming. It’s including the streaming camera, mic, headset, and more. Once you’ve got everything needed, you can start to go live.

Step 2. Clip the best highlight

Your streaming will last on a certain platform for a certain time. Now, it’s time to create exciting highlight clips using our tool, Eklipse. Click the following button, and you’ll be directed to the Eklipse homepage.

Try Best Clipping Software Now! is an AI highlight generator and video editor that will automatically create highlights from your gameplay. Simply click below and try it.

Once you got there, sign in with your account. But if you don’t have it, register yourself first. After that, connect your Twitch, YouTube, and or Facebook to Eklipse, so our powerful A.I can generate your streaming video.

Then, head to Steams tab on the left-side menu to find the best streaming video you’d like to highlight. If you want to make a standard video format, you can instantly choose the clips from AI Compilation or Single Clips tab, then click on the Download button under the video.

how to post gameplay on Instagram
Source: Eklipse

While you want to change it to TikTok or Reels format, you can hit the Convert to TikTok/Reels button underneath the video. For the details of the tutorial, check our previous articles that discussed this.

Source: Eklipse

Since Eklipse doesn’t allow you to share your clips to Instagram directly, you’ll need to download them and post them manually. However, if you wonder how to post gaming clips on TikTok, you can do it instantly without needing to save the clips. 

How To Post A Clip On Instagram

Now, after you’ve recorded and edited the gameplay clips, you can proceed to the next step, which is to share them on Instagram. Additionally, there are three options where you can post your clips on Instagram, including Instagram story, reel, and feed. Here’s how.

  • First of all, launch the Instagram app on your mobile phone and log in with your existing account.
  • Second, tap on the ‘+’ button at the top right corner of the screen next to the heart icon.
  • You’ll see four post options there, such as Post, Story, Reel, and Live. If you wish to post the clips into your feed, you can choose Post. It would be better to post a clip in a standard format.
How To Post Fortnite Clips On Instagram
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  • After choosing the post options, now select your video from the phone gallery.
how to post overwatch highlights on Instagram
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  • Then, you can trim your video length, add effects, stickers, text, and even a soundtrack to your video. Click Next.
  • If you want to post your clip as a reel, you can choose the reel option under the ‘+’ menu, then select the video from the gallery.
  • Trim the video as you wish and add audio, then tap on Add at the top right corner of the screen. Keep in your mind, that the Instagram reel allows you to post a video for up to 90 seconds. This means you can compile multiple clips into one, as long as each clip is less than 90 seconds.
Source: Eklipse
  • Next, you can adjust the speed, add effects or soundtrack, and then tap on the Preview button.
  • Then, if you wish to add some stickers, text, or other stuff, you can do it here, and hit Next.
 how to upload Warzone clips to Instagram
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  • Next up, write a caption, tag people, and change the cover, then tap on the Share button to start making your clip airing to your feed and reel
Source: Eklipse
  • To be able to post on your Instagram story, just hit the story option, click the gallery icon and select your video. Additionally, Instagram only let you post a 15-second-long video. It will be split if it’s more than 15 seconds long.
  • After selecting the video, you can make it more appealing by adding music background, filters, GIFs, or anything interesting, and then tap Your Story to let your followers see your post.
How To Post A Clip On Instagram
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Finally, your video is already published on your Instagram account. If you want to know how to upload Warzone clips to Instagram, you can do the exact same method as above.


There you have it. After knowing how to post Fortnite clips on Instagram, you can try it now. One thing is for sure, you can do this method to post any kind of gameplay, such as Call of Duty, Valorant, League of Legends, PUBG, Warzone, and more.