How to Tune The TV Fortnite: A Byte Quests’ Guide

Enjoying Chapter 3 Season 4? Well, we bet every player feels that too. If you actively play in the recent season, you must have already unlocked The Nothing’s Gift Pickaxe. This exclusive item is the key to unlocking the next quest where you’ll tune the TV Fortnite.

Wait…what does that mean? Alright, we got you. So basically you can only use the pickaxe with the unlockable character, Byte. Therefore, you’ll need to complete all secret challenges to unlock this character. 

Luckily, this article covered everything you should know about the quest, including how to unlock the Fortnite Bytes Quests, the challenges, and the rewards. Just read below.

How to Unlock the Byte Quests and See the Challenges

Fortnite Bytes Quests
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To get access to Byte’s Quest, you have to unlock The Nothing’s Gift pickaxe. In addition, there are seven quests to complete to unlock the alt styles for the pickaxe. Here’s the Fortnite quest list.

  1. Tune the TV in Byte’s Outfit.
  2. Damage opponents with Evo-chrome weapons (2,500 total damage).
  3. Drive 5,000 meters with Chrome Splash.
  4. Pass through chromed structures in different named locations.
  5. Search and loot 20 chromed chests.
  6. Deal 2,500 damages to chrome wildlife.
  7. Eliminate 20 opponents at a chromed named location.
  8. Use Chrome Splash on 10 opponents.

How to Tune The TV Fortnite

Many players are wondering how to complete this challenge since it’s the most important quest of all. No worries, we got you covered. To complete this challenge, you need to go to Lustrous Lagoon and a small landmark located toward the west of Herald’s Sanctum to find the two TVs.

Then, have a look at the map below. You’ll see houses in the marked area and you are going to find the TVs there. It’s worth noting that you will only be able to complete this challenge with Bytes skin. Completing this challenge using other skins will not register. Other than that, make sure you equip the Bythe skin before looking for the TVs.

Tune The TV Fortnite
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Once you’ve managed to turn the TV correctly, you’ll get to hear The Nothing, telling them to “prove their worth”. If you have heard this, another challenge will be unlocked.

Fortnite Bytes Quest’ Rewards

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Have succeeded in completing the quests? Now let yourself be rewarded with these cool stuff.

  • Chaotic Edge
  • Dread Claw
  • Razer Thorn
  • Reaper’s Lament
  • Sharpened Sunburst
  • Skewer
  • The Thrasher


So that’s all you need to know about the Bytes Quests, including how to tune the TV Fortnite. Now, you better tighten up your belt and be ready to face every challenge. Be sure you don’t fail or you’re gonna miss the reward.

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