How to Make Gaming Montage Video Using Eklipse

how to make gaming montage video

Are you a beginner in streaming and trying to grow your Twitch or YouTube channel? Or are you just a young gamer who loves to play certain games and show off your skill to other people? Well, regardless of what the answer is, you really need to learn how to make gaming montage video.

Basically, gaming montages can be a great way to increase engagement and drive traffic to your streams. However, beginners without any editing experience will find it quite challenging to pick the best montage creator and create incredible gaming montages.

This is what Eklipse was designed for. Driven by powerful AI, Eklipse can assist you to clip your streams seamlessly in seconds. No need for excellent skill and say bye to a time-consuming process. You can get the clips into your hands effortlessly!

In addition, Eklipse will pick your best clip to appear in its weekly showcase. But anyway, you can also pin your epic clips to be included in the showcase compilation. Interesting to give it a shot? Then let’s move to the tutorial.

How to Make Gaming Montage Video With Eklipse

Eklipse has promised you to do anything you need while you’re sitting back and waiting. Only with a few clicks, the highlight clip is all set. Follow the steps below to try the Eklipse feature.

Step 1. Go to the Eklipse website or hit the following button and sign in/ sign up with your email, Twitch, or Facebook account.

Step 2. Link Eklipse to your preferred social media, either YouTube, Facebook, and/or Twitch by hitting the cable icon. Then, let the AI load your gaming streams.

How to Make Gaming Montage Video

Step 3. Navigate to the Streams tab and hit All Streams to find all your stream videos. Pick whichever you like and click Get Clip.

Gaming Montage Video maker free

Step 4. After choosing the gaming stream, the AI will automatically extract the essence of your streams to be single clips.

How to Make Gaming Montage Video easily

Step 5. Choose the best clips and hit Convert to TikTok/Reel button under the video preview.

Step 6. Next up, pick the template for TikTok, and adjust the feed area as well as the clip length. Hit Next.

Step 7. Navigate to Add Music to add soundtrack. You’ll see some copyright-free music from the Eklipse library. Once you’re sure of your choice, click Select Music.

Step 8. In this section, you are allowed to pick the music part, and the length, and adjust the audio and music volume. If you’re done, hit Confirm.

Step 9. After a while, your clip will be ready and you can find it on the Edited Clips tab and select the Convert to TikTok/Reels option.

Step 10. Hit the Share icon under your video to directly post it to TikTok, Facebook, or YouTube or download it.

Step 11. Finally, write a title, description, and set the publishing time, and hit the Share Now button.

Boom! It’s easy peasy, right? Your stunning clip is now airing on your social media. Let them know about your gaming skill through your highlight, and be ready for every challenge that appears to you!


That’s all about how to make a gaming montage video using Eklipse. Now, everyone can save time and energy while creating content for social media.

One more thing that would also look amazing for your video is collage. If you have never tried making one, read the full guide here: How to Make a Video Collage?

For beginners, you don’t have to worry that your montage is not compared to the advanced ones because Eklipse got you covered! Above all, this tool is totally free to use! Do you want to miss anything else? Clik the link button below, NOW!

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