The Best Gaming Montage Maker in 2022 You Should Try

Gaming montage maker programs are a useful tool for streamers who want to make compilation videos. Especially with the popularity of gaming streaming platforms, almost everyone is trying to create content based on their amazing highlights

A good gaming content not only requires decent equipment, but also skills to edit videos. Just like a puzzle, you have to be smart in combining clips and audio to make the best video possible.

Unfortunately, many editing applications are not so beginner friendly. That’s why we have several recommendations and applications that can be used easily. Read on below!

Tips Using Gaming Montage Maker

gaming montage maker
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Before introducing you to the list of the best gaming montage maker programs, make sure you know these tips to maximize your video!

  1. Make the right setting when you recording the game videos

Note that, when games run poorly on your system then you will inevitably produce poor videos. All the texture pop ups or stutters in game movies are directly transferred to video files at recording time; definitely it can be considered annoying for viewers! The perfect resolution for playing games at home should always have 1080p with 60 frames per second.

2. Transitions and effects

This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen implemented on game video files. With larger videos, like those that have multiple parts with different effects and transitions you can make an impressive quality modification without any problems at all!

Game recording videos should be more creative than just showing gameplay. They need other elements like game settings and transitions with different effects to make them stand out from other videos on YouTube or TwitchTV, which is why you might want consider using an editing tool that offers special features for this type of content.

3. Color adjust: increase the saturation

If you want to make your video more appealing then go ahead and use the Video Effects section in a video editor. It provides settings for contrast, brightness (and other) tools that possess fast color correctors with just one click of an button!

iMovie, free gaming montage maker

For those who have a Mac, lucky you because Apple provides iMovie for free. iMovie is very standard, simple but useful.

This software has a green-screen feature, integration with other audio and social media platforms, and can render videos with a fairly high level of image quality. As a beginner, you should not be too confused about using this software.

Windows Movie Maker

Rival to iMovie. If Apple has iMovie, then Windows has Movie Maker. As a free software, Movie Maker has a very standard quality. It can create videos in AVI, MPEG, WMV and several other formats.

This software is provided specifically for Windows 7 users. But unfortunately, Windows has stopped this software. You can still find the installation on the internet.

LumaFusion, easy to use gaming montage maker

In the description, LumaFusion is used for professionals to edit their videos.

However, its use is quite easy and as a beginner you should have no trouble using it.

LumaFusion is able to provide a high level of image quality, accompanied by quite a variety of effect options. Many YouTubers are now using this application. The only downside with this gaming montage maker is that you have to pay in order to use it.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Actually this application does not need to be mentioned because anyone would use it. With complete features, Premiere Pro is targeted at professionals, but beginners can also use it.

When you first use it, it will be a little confusing, but once you master it, you should be able to work on any video easily. This also serves as a decent gaming montage maker due to its complete features!


Not all video makers have adequate video equipment and only have cell phone cameras. If that’s the case, InShot can be a recommended application to you.

As a video editor application, InShot is very easy to use, because the user interface is easy to understand, and has quite a variety of animated stickers.

If your phone’s camera is already of good quality and you just want to make one-minute Instagram videos, InShot is a great app.

Sony Vegas

An alternative if you want to avoid Adobe Premiere Pro. Sony Vegas has a timeline-based video editing user interface like Premiere, but the effects and transition features can be fairly good.

Not only that, the imports and exports are also very good, so you don’t have to worry about stress.

Final Cut

Another alternative for those Mac users. Final Cut is similar to and as popular as Adobe Premiere. With a user interface that has a dark color, you can use Final Cut to focus more on dark places, with many accompanying effects too.

If you know, some big movies are even produced through this software, such as The Social Network, 500 Days of Summer and many more.

Those are the 7 best video editing applications or software on laptops for beginners that you can use. Of course, before you choose it, it’s a good idea to do some research first and think about what kind of video you want to make. These considerations are influential enough to choose the appropriate video editor.

Eklipse, the best gaming montage maker

gaming montage maker

When it comes to showcasing your highlight to your audience, obviously you’d want to pick the best ones. Be it where you pop off and kill the enemy team in one sweep, show off a 180 no scope shot or simply single-handedly carry your team to victory.

However, making a good compilation video takes time and mad editing skills. Not everyone has the time and effort to do that. That’s where Eklipse comes in handy.

This tool is able to compile your game highlight and create a compilation video automatically. No need to manually trim and edit your gaming clips anymore, simply use this gaming montage maker!

So, what are you waiting for? Create the best gaming compilation highlights with Eklipse now!