What Is Lapis Diamond Trick 1.19? Ultimate Minecraft Guide for Beginner

Lapis Diamond Trick 1.19
Source: Blog Eklipse - How to find Lapis Diamond Trick 1.19

As an avid Minecraft player, you may have heard about “ Lapis Diamond Trick 1.19”. However, not every player knows about this trick.

From the name suggest, the Lapis Diamond Trick 1.19 is a special strategy to find diamonds easily in Minecraft. Now if you are curious about how to use this trick, then you must explore our tips below completely. Let’s go!

What is the Lapis Diamond Trick 1.19?

Lapis Diamond Trick 1.19
Source: Blog Eklipse – How to find Lapis Diamond Trick 1.19

The Lapis Diamond Trick 1.19 is a method that allows players to find diamonds without having to strip mine extensively. It involves utilizing the correlation between Lapis Lazuli Ores and Diamond Ores in Minecraft.

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How to Find Lapis Lazuli Ores

The best way to find Lapis Lazuli Ores is by exploring caves or ravines in Minecraft. These ores can generate under Y level 32. To determine your current Y-level, you can press F3 on your keyboard to see your coordinates in the game.

How to Find Diamonds Using the Lapis Diamond Trick

Once you have located Lapis Lazuli Ores, follow these steps:

  1. Press F3+G on your keyboard to view the chunk’s borders.
  2. Locate one of the Lapis Lazuli Ores on the north side of the group.
  3. Move four blocks north from that ore.
  4. If the 4th block north is in another chunk, continue counting on the other side of the same chunk.
  5. Start digging down from that block using a vertical stairs pattern.
  6. Keep digging until you find Diamond Ores.

It’s important to exercise caution when digging straight down to avoid fall damage or falling into a lava pool. Take your time and follow the vertical stairs pattern for safety.

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When the Lapis Trick Doesn’t Work

While the Lapis Diamond Trick is an effective method for finding diamonds, there may be instances where it doesn’t work as expected. It’s important to note that Minecraft’s world generation can vary, and results may not always be consistent.

Credits go to leospeedleo for discovering and sharing this correlation between Lapis Lazuli and Diamonds in Minecraft.


The Lapis Diamond Trick 1.19 offers players a great alternative to strip mining for diamonds. By utilizing the correlation between Lapis Lazuli Ores and Diamond Ores, you can increase your chances of finding diamonds without extensive mining efforts. Remember to exercise caution while digging and enjoy your diamond-finding adventures!

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