Easy Minecraft Lapis Lazuli Diamond Trick to Farm Diamonds

The Minecraft Lapis Lazuli Diamond trick is the easiest way to farm diamonds in Minecraft. Whether you are a newbie or veteran player, knowing how to use this trick is useful! Read on.

With Minecraft’s latest update, diamonds are now even more scarce than before. However, there is a way for you to find them with relative ease if you’re willing to take the risk!

So without further ado, check this Eklipse tips on the Minecraft lapis lazuli diamond trick to farm diamonds!

Getting Lapis Lazuli

In contrast with clay, lapis can only be found in caves. This is both an advantage and disadvantage as it means players won’t have to go as deep when exploring these underground resources but also makes them more difficult for you to find since your character will already be below ground standard (being located near or at sea level).

Lapis is rare and hard to find in comparison with clay, which is a common resource found throughout the swamps.

Where You Can Find Lapis Lazuli

Get ready to delve deep into the earth, ’cause Lapis Lazuli ain’t just lying around on the surface anymore. That’s right, thanks to the 1.19 update, this rare mineral is harder to find and you’ll have to dig deeper to get your hands on it.

First things first, you gotta know your way around the map. Minecraft’s world is divided into XYZ coordinates, and the Y value tells you how high or low you are.

Positive Y values take you up, while negative Y values take you down, deeper underground. To check your coordinates on PC, just hit F3 on Windows or fn+F3 on Mac.

Now, onto the good stuff. Lapis Lazuli spawns between Y levels 64 and -64, but you’ll find the most of it around Y level 0. So, you know what to do: dig down until you hit Y level 0 and start searching for that dark blue mineral.

But be warned: you’ll need a Stone Pickaxe or stronger to mine it. Additionally you can find Lapis in chests in Mineshafts, Villages and Shipwrecks, and trade for it in Villages.

Minecraft Lapis Lazuli Diamond Trick Tutorial

lapis trick minecraft

Full credit goes to a user nicknamed leospeedleo who shared a graphic showing how diamonds and lapis lazuli are related.

The methods of finding each other are very similar and differ mainly in how far they’re located.

Turning on visibility for chunk boundaries with F3 + G combination will make it easier when looking at your map or menus showing location direction.

When mining for lapis veins, make sure to head north (-Z) and start digging downhill 4 blocks further.

If you cross over the chunk limit, immediately switch sides so that your diamond block (close to the border) will generate there and also on the opposite side of the chunk.

The world of Minecraft is a complex landscape that can be generated by algorithms.

It all boils down to how those elements interact with one another and what they produce in the process, but there are some tricks you might want for when things get tricky!

Minecraft Lapis Lazuli Diamond Trick Alternatives

lapis diamond trick not working

Other than the lapis lazuli trick, there are several other ways where you can farm diamonds and other important resources easily.

Here are some of the locations that you can use to find them. They have been tested and are guaranteed to work! Check the list below!

  • Diamond: y=-63
  • Emerald: y=255
  • Ancient debris (Netherite): y=15
  • Iron: y=255
  • Gold: y=-17.
  • Lapis Lazuli: y=-1, and likely not to be exposed to air
  • Redstone: y=-63
  • Copper: y=47
  • Coal: Between y=136 to 190

Lapis Lazuli Diamond Not Working

minecraft lapis diamond trick bedrock

Some users reported that the trick is not working for them. If this happens to you as well, don’t panic. Based on our research, usually it is due to the quality of some seeds.

The thing is, this trick only works on 85% of the seeds, with a 70%  – 80% chance. With that said, it could be that your seed is just a bad one or that you are not lucky enough for the trick to work.

In that case, you could always grind for more seeds to guarantee the best results. Simply follow the steps above that we have explained.

Minecraft Lapis Lazuli Trick FAQs

Still, have questions regarding the trick? Don’t worry we got you covered!

1. What biome has the most diamonds?

Diamonds are rare, however, the chance of you finding them is higher in biomes such as Deserts, Savannah, and Mesas.

2. Can you find diamonds in mountains?

According to Minecraft’s wiki, “Diamond ore attempts to generate 1 time per chunk in veins of sizes 1 to 10[2], from altitudes 0 to 15, in all biomes.” So, yes, they can be found everywhere, including mountains.

3. Does Minecraft have a diamond finder?

Yes, you can use a diamond finder to find diamonds. This tool can be used in the Bedrock edition and the Java edition.

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So, that’s about how to do the Minecraft Lapis Lazuli trick. As one of the most popular games, it’s no surprise that this game keeps its content challenging!

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