The Best NFT Art Generator in 2022

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Did you know that you can easily make your own NFT using NFT generator art tools? The best thing is you don’t even have to be a talented artist and such to create your own authentic NFT! Read more about it below.

As we know, there are various types of NFT assets that can be sold. Besides images, there are videos, audios, GIFs, 3D animations, video games, or even selfies like those sold by Ghozali Everyday.

For now, the most popular NFT assets are images that are art and can be collected. Unfortunately, making artsy images is not easy. Especially if we don’t have the basics as a painter, illustrator, or designer.

Well, don’t be discouraged just yet. You can still create artsy NFT images with the NFT art generator. With these sites, you can hone your creativity without having a basic art in creating NFTs, then selling them on the marketplace!

What is NFT Art Generator?

If defined, NFT art generators are tool that can create or produce NFT works instantly.

It should be noted, the tools in question are different from special illustration or photo editing applications such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Because these tools/applications require us to create illustrations from scratch.

Well, the tools that I mean are tools that provide filters/templates or AI to produce works instantly and automatically. So, all you have to do is choose the filter/template provided, then you can create or mix and match with other templates.

So, you won’t actually make NFT works from scratch, which certainly requires a long process with NFT art generators.

Out there, there are many tools that you can use. However, these are the seven tools that Jaka recommends the most. Let’s see, who knows you might be interested!

1. NightCafe (the best NFT generator tool)

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Source: JalanTikus

One of the NFT art generators that Jaka highly recommends is NightCafe . These tools use AI and machine learning technology so they can produce works automatically.

NightCafe provides many template options. From the image you choose, this tool will process and combine it with the filter or template you choose according to your taste.

More interestingly, this tool also has a mode that can process images from scratch. So, all you have to do is choose the image you want, NightCafe will create a new out-of-the-box masterpiece !

The good news is, you can try NightCafe for free! However, the free version only gives you 5 credits that can be used according to your preferences for the NFT creations you make. For that, you have to subscribe so you can create works as you wish and remove the watermark.

>>Click This Link for NightCafe Official Site<<

How to Generate NFT at NightCafe

  1. Go to the NightCafe website.
  2. Click “Create” in the top right.
  3. Choose the method of creation as desired.
  4. Insert image > fill in detail field.
  5. Click “Create”.
  6. NightCafe will process the image for a few minutes.

2. Fotor (easiest NFT art generator tool)

Source: TechRadar

When you open the Fotor website, you will immediately see a “motivational” quote displayed on the main page: “Everyone can be an NFT artist”.

These quotes are not the origin of the quotes. You see, Fotor can indeed make people who have no experience in the art world become NFT artists thanks to the help of AI technology.

Just like NightCafe, AI will process the image you choose to become a new masterpiece. The way it works is more or less similar to NightCafe, you select an image, then select a template as a layer.

These tools can also be accessed for free. However, the free version will put a watermark on your NFT creations. You also have to subscribe to be able to generate images/photos without a watermark.

>>Click This Link for NightCafe Official Site<<

How to Generate NFTs on Fotor

  1. Go to the Fotor site.
  2. Click “Create NFT Now”.
  3. Select the image that you want to make NFT.
  4. Choose a template for the new layer.
  5. Click “Download” after image processing is complete.

3. NinjaFT

ninjaft nft art generator tool
Source: Google Play

Different from the previous two tools that can be opened from the site, NinjaFT is an application that is available on Android and iOS.

If you like NFT in card form, NinjaFT is the perfect app for you. You see, NinjaFT provides hundreds of card templates, such as Pokemon cards, Yu-Gi-Oh, to NBA collection cards.

This app is also very easy to use. You just choose the image/photo that you want to make NFT, then you choose a template according to your taste.

The advantage of NinjaFT over other NFT art generators is the direct connection to the blockchain. Yep, you can directly request the NFT that you have created in this application to Binance, then immediately sell it. Very practical, right?

>>Link Download NinjaFT Google Play Store<<

>>Link Download NinjaFT App Store<<

How to Generate NFT on NinjaFT

  1. Enter the NinjaFT application.
  2. Tap “Trading Cards”.
  3. Tap “Create” to create a new NFT card.
  4. Choose options and templates according to taste.
  5. You can also select “Gallery” to generate a card template.

4. 8bit Painter (NFT generator art tool for pixel art)

nft art tool
Source: Google Play

If you look at the NFT marketplace, there are many NFT works that carry the 8bit format, aka pixelated images. Well, for those of you who like art models like this, that means you have to try generating NFT in 8bit Painter.

There are two modes that you can choose to generate NFT in this application. First there is the Import Images mode which allows you to convert a regular image into a pixelated image.

The second mode is Canvas. Here, you actually create a pixelated image from scratch. So, you have to enter a color into the boxes provided. It’s quite difficult, but the drawings you create from here will be very authentic!

>>Link Download 8bit Painter Google Play Store<<

>>Link Download 8bit Painter App Store<<

How to Generate NFT in 8bit Painter

  1. Open the 8bit Painter application.
  2. Tap the “+” circle at the bottom center of the screen.
  3. Select the canvas size.
  4. Create images according to your liking.
  5. You can also import images from your smartphone.

5. NFT Art Generator

nft art generator
Source: JalanTikus

Another best option for free online NFT art generator is NFT Art Generator. This tool is slightly different from Fotor and NightCafe which only processes images with filters/templates.

NFT Art Generator can process fragments of PNG or GIF images, then combine them into a new NFT masterpiece.

This tool is perfect if you want to mint and sell large amounts of NFT. You see, the NFT Art Generator can generate large amounts of NFT art. The NFT that you can generate here is not only images or photos, but also videos in mp4 format.

>>Click This Link for NFT Art Generator Official Site<<

How to Generate NFT in NFT Art Generator

  1. Go to the NFT Art Generator site.
  2. Select the image you want according to the layer (background, layer 1, layer 2, etc.).
  3. Before inserting images, sort and group photos by layer for easy processing.
  4. Click “Preview” to see your NFT work.
  5. You can also click “Generate Collection” to directly download the NFT you just created.

6. SuperMe

Source: Google Play

One more cool application that can help you to create NFT masterpieces. SuperMe is not really a dedicated NFT art generator app. However, the work you make from this application can be very unique and authentic!

In this app (or video game to be precise), you can create a facial avatar as you wish. You can also customize your face, hair, mouth, eyes, costumes, and so on.

Just like 8bit Painter, SuperMe can be an ideal NFT art generator tool. You see, SuperMe allows you to create an avatar in the style of an animated cartoon or anime character. It fits perfectly with the current trend of NFT avatar art.

>>Link Download SuperMe Google Play Store<<

>>Link Download SuperMe AppStore<<

How to Generate NFT on SuperMe

  1. Open the SuperMe app.
  2. Register account/email link.
  3. Tap the blank avatar in the center of the screen.
  4. Create your avatar as you wish.
  5. Tap the “Save” icon in the lower-right corner of the screen.
  6. Your NFT image is already saved on your cellphone and ready to be minted!

7. GoArt

Source: Fotor

Another NFT art generator based on photo editing that is practical and easy to use. This time, you can do it on your cellphone because this tool is an application that is available on Android and iOS.

On GoArt, you can edit photos and turn them into NFT or crypto assets. The photos you choose will be beautified using special authentic filters such as pop art, Picasso paintings, Van Gogh, and so on.

Because it can be used via smartphone, you can immediately create NFT works from the photos you just took. This is certainly very easy for users who are unfamiliar with NFT.

>>Link Download GoArt Google Play Store<<

>>Link Download GoArt App Store<<

How to Generate NFT on GoArt

  1. Open the GoArt app.
  2. Select the photo you want to edit.
  3. Choose a filter according to taste.
  4. Save the image.

8. SketchAR – The Latest NFT Generator Art

SketchAR Create Art & get NFT for Android - APK Download
Source: APK Pure

Of the eight best NFT Art Generator tools that we share, SketchAR is one of the best tools to convert artwork into NFT form. By using SketchAR, you can create better digital works through the various features they offer such as AI, AR, or even Canvas.

Not only creating art, you can also share the NFT that you have created in the form of feeds that make it possible to find buyers faster. And the last feature that is definitely very easy is the NFT auto listing to various marketplaces, one of which is OpenSea. If interested, you can start using this tool here.


So that’s the best NFT art generator tools that you can use. All of them can help you create super artsy NFTs easily.

However, remember, because this application is definitely also used by many people out there, we recommend you to keep editing the images you have made there. Give it a different touch so that your NFT works are authentic and can sell well in the marketplace!

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