Warzone New Map: Caldera and Fortune’s Keep

One of the legendary places in the game Call of Duty: Warzone will return to the Warzone new map Caldera. The place was titled “Storage Town”. This place used to be on the Verdanks map, which was a favorite for players to drop and loot.

This Caldera map version of Storage Town is located between Mines, Airfield, Village, and Dig Site. Actually, this news was announced in 2021 in the Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific update.

Warzone New Map: Caldera Changes

warzone new map caldera
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There has been several changes made to this Storage Town. In terms of buildings, it is still quite the same. The landscape is still also surrounded by hills that offers a pleasant view to the eye.

You can explore this new Storage Town with a new SUV type vehicle. However, the vehicle was armored, making it impervious to fire. This vehicle can accommodate a total of four players and there will be special seats for players who use machine guns.

It doesn’t stop there, now the bunkers around the map will be controlled by NPC mercenaries. For players who want to loot, they must shoot dead soldiers first.

“Operators who have worked for a long time will know that key cards will not be found except in the supply box,” said Activision – the developer of Call of Duty-.

The key cards themselves can only be used once to open a bunker out of a total of 7 bunkers. If you can open the bunker, of course you won’t bother looting. Because the bunker already provides a variety of weapons and equipment. However, try not to take too long while looting in the bunker. This is because that place will be the destination of some other players as well.

Apart from that, there are also other new additions. Namely the new ship in Arsenal, the ladder, and the ladder that connects the roofs of the Capital. There are still other additions around the location.

Activision will present this update on June 22. This update also applies to Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard.

About the Warzone New Map: Fortune’s Keep

cod fortunes keep
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The warzone developers surprisingly featured a new map that would appear with Season 4. After a brief scavenger hunt on Twitter, the map was finally revealed in its entirety and has been wowing the community ever since.

Twice as big?

map layout
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The week starts for the Warzone community with a 12 piece puzzle. Individual snippets from the new Keep Warzone Fortune map were posted piece by piece on Twitter and had to be put together. After a few hours, all the puzzle pieces are finally there and reveal the whole map.

Immediately after the full release, Warzone JGOD experts started comparing the new maps to get a better idea of ​​their size. As of now, the new map can be assumed to be about two to two and a half times the size of the Island of Rebirth. Whether the maximum number of players per match will increase with map expansion will become clear when Season 4 is released at the latest.

Fortune’s Keep is coming, Island of Rebirth is going?

Meanwhile, many fans worry that Fortune’s Keep will replace the popular Island of Rebirth map. It remains to be seen if we really have to do without a map based on the prison island of Alcatraz with the release of a new map. While unlikely, many hope that with Season 4 we’ll finally get a map rotation in Rebirth mode, switching between Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth Island.

Here are 12 points of interest in Fortune’s Keep:

  • Bay
  • camp
  • Guard house
  • Grave
  • I
  • Underground jail
  • Lighthouse
  • abandon
  • Smugglers Bay
  • Terrace
  • City
  • Vineyard

If the final hour does come for Rebirth Island, the critics could quickly destroy the excitement of the new map. After all, the opinion of the community on social networks is clear: both cards should come into play or stay there. Worries about the new map might not appeal to Activision, but what would a season of Warzone be without a decent storm on the horizon?

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