Where Does Santa Spawn in Fortnite Chapter 4?

It’s Fortnite Winterfest 2022 time!

As one of the most popular events in the game, the winter holiday event truly brings a festive twist to the gameplay.

During the holiday event, players can expect to see “Santa Claus” in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1.

Well, the Santa we talk about in Fortnite is not an actual St. Nicholas, but an NPC known as Sgt. Winters.

So, where does Santa spawn in Fortnite Chapter 4? 

Check out this article for the guide to finding him and more things to know about this winter holiday-exclusive NPC.

Where does Santa spawn in Fortnite Chapter 4? 

Sgt Winters, Fortnite Santa that appears every winter holiday

Unfortunately, there is no quick answer to the question of Santa whereabouts in Fortnite Chapter 4. The reason for this is because Sgt. Winters spawns in random locations in every match which make him extremely difficult to find.

But, there are some tips that you can use to pinpoint the spawn location of Santa.

The first tip is by landing on the grass biome since you will have better visibility to look after him.

You can land between Anvil Square and Brutal Bastion, then hover as long as possible in the air to spot him. 

But be careful, the longer you hover, the easier you will be spotted by the enemy. Also, you’ll most likely miss a chance to find a good weapon on the ground.

The second tip is actually pretty basic. Just land and gear up normally like you used to. But, after you geared up, the next thing you’ll want to find is Launch Pads.

With verticality, it will be easier to look around the area to find Santa’s whereabouts.

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Who is Sgt. Winters in Fortnite?

Sgt Winters actually from Fortnite Season 7 outfit lineup

Sgt. Winters is actually an Epic Outfit prize from the 2018 Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass. You can acquire Sgt. Winters by leveling up the battle pass up to Tier 23.

Since then, this character has been showing up in Fortnite every winter season when Christmas events are ongoing and referred to as “Santa” by the player.

Most players called him Santa because he gives gifts and items during the Winter event. 

Though he looks like someone with a strict personality, (hence the Sergeant as his title) Sgt. Winters are still anticipated and most players enjoy his presence in Fortnite every time the Christmas holidays come.


Do you manage to find Sgt. Winters in the 2022 Winterfest? Hope our tips can help you in your journey to find Santa on the current Fortnite Chapter 4 update.

After knowing the tips to find Santa, you may need more guide on performing specific actions in Fortnite, such as mantling. If you don’t know or are still confused about mantling, check our article here: What is Fortnite Mantling? Here’s How to Do It!

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